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Glad to be home

January 27th, 2016 at 09:12 am

After about 2 hours in the car this morning, I finally made it home. Staying at mom's wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated, but I'm happy to be back with my kitties - and excited to see DH when he gets home from work. Sleeping in my own bed is going to be glorious.

Didn't end up doing laser tag yesterday - as it's closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Instead, went back to the house with my sister, played a board game, and then went out to dinner at Bob Evan's. She seemed in much better spirits, so hopefully my time there was able to cheer her up a bit. Either way, this conversation with mom is going to be a rough one when she gets home. Not sure exactly when it's going to happen - but it'll have to be within the next few weeks. Preferably sooner than later, her birthday is just in a couple of weeks and I know she's stressed about turning 50. But I'm not sure there will ever be a "good" time to have that conversation. Sigh.


Sales tax payment went through today, so that's been taken care of. Also saw that my local Q4 taxes hit my account. So much money out for taxes, and I've still got so much more to go... sigh.

My American Eagle gift cards finally hit from Swagbucks... so I went to purchase the swimsuit I had planned (my reward for hitting my Dietbet goal) and of course they sold out of my size. That's the second suit I found that I loved and sold out a few days after I decided on it. It's been a frustrating experience. I found 2 other tops that I liked, and decided to order both for now in case I didn't end up liking one and the other was sold out (as it will most definitely be, given the trend). So once they arrive I'll decide between them and return the other.

Speaking of my Dietbet, my first game finalized, and I won a profit of $9.63 - not a ton, but I also got my money back. So that's good. And, you know, lost weight Wink Second game finishes in a couple of days.

That's about it for news. Hope you are all having a lovely week!

3 Responses to “Glad to be home”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Good job on the dietbet!

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    One of mine finalizes on the 29th and the other on the 30th. I've hit both goals, so I'm looking forward to some winnings. Is it bad of me to hope most people don't hit their goals? LOL Regardless, it is more money than it would be earning in interest, so I call that good.

  3. pjmama Says:

    haha. I agree, LuckyRobin! Whereas I do wish people the best of luck, I still wouldn't mind a few more not making their goals Wink I made a 45% profit on my $20, so I definitely call it a win! Almost makes me wish I would have joined a game with a higher dollar amount... but I'm sure the odds of people winning are higher with the greater motivator.

    Would be something interesting to look into...

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