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Recap and today!

January 29th, 2007 at 06:00 am

Alright. So I spent a little more on dining out than I had originally planned. BF wanted to get food at like, 1:00 am the other night and I was feeling particularly giving. We've been going through some stressful times in our relationship and lives in general. Besides. I love those spontaneous "let's go out in the middle of the night" happenings, and they've been far less frequent lately. So we hit up Steak n Shake and talked, and I had a delicious frozen yogurt milk shake... mmm.

Then yesterday I spent ALL DAY baking biscotti. 3 batches for the coffee shop and one for my friends/family. I told my best friend I would make him something, and I'll be seeing my family out in Columbus for the first time in a while this weekend. I thought it would be a nice gesture. So needless to say, I wasn't looking to cook after all that baking. So we went to our favorite restaurant (well, one of!) and I got a bowl of soup, BF got an appetizer, and we both got tea. I spent about $15. The good news is that I didn't buy any clothes all month, and bought less food on campus than anticipated. My budget can hold it.

Today I was planning to be a no-spend, but as it turns out, my dasani bottle is missing, and I need to have my water during the day :/ The first psych club meeting is today before I go to work, and there will be free pop and pizza! Woo! At any rate, I better get moving. Dont want to be late!

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