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New Week.

April 7th, 2008 at 05:56 am

It's hard for me to look at my calendar. A whole week in April has gone by, and yet I feel like I've done NOTHING. Yesterday wasn't nearly as productive as I thought it would be, but I got some serious cabin fever. I feel like I've been working on overdrive for some time now. Okay, I have, and it's my fault for biting off more than I can chew, but at the same time, I'm still doing okay.

I just needed to take some "me time." I haven't pampered myself in soooo long. Hell, I haven't even put on makeup in over 2 weeks. So I decided that I would take a shower (not so much pampering, but felt nice anyway!), even shave my legs (now, that's not as frequent an activity. lol), paint my toenails, and straighten my hair. The toenails alone felt like pampering. I feel so purdy now Smile

Afterwards, I was going to watch an episode of Scrubs, but I ended up watching all of Disc 1, Season 2 of Scrubs. lol. I just love that show. So funny, so heartwarming. And the best part? It makes me think of BF and I's first "date"-- well, it was more like an eat chinese food and watch scrubs kind of date, but it was amazing nonetheless Smile What can I say? We were just comfortable as can be from the beginning, and it seemed to have sparked something beautiful Big Grin

As for spending, yesterday was a no-spend (though it shouldn't have been... I need to do some laundry. lol). Today I'll be buying my dinner, though I'm going to keep it under $5 this time- only getting the mini sub and packing the rest of my dinner, or getting the kids meal at subway. I need to get back to eating healthy. I've been slacking hardcore.

In bad news, I talked to my mom last night, and my brother (who is paranoid schizophrenic) is back in the hospital again. It seems he was canvassing our neighborhood with flyers telling us we were all going to die (no, I'm not joking). Luckily my mom called the right people, but he's back at square one. She thinks he hasn't been swallowing his pills when she gives them to him (he doesn't think he has anything wrong with him, and the pills make him sick). She's not very forceful about it, though I cant blame her, the more you push him, the more he fights back. He's not violent, just not really in this world, so to speak. But we're not sure what's going to happen when he gets out of the hospital. Mom doesn't want him living at home if he's not going to take his meds (and I dont blame her) but I really cant stand the thought of him being institutionalized permanently. He'll never really be a part of society again, and he can be okay if he takes the meds (as much as I hate him having to take them). I'm glad I'll be back in Ohio next month to try and help with the situation. Guess we'll see how things go...

Well, time to get my day (and week) started! Everyone enjoy!

5 Responses to “New Week.”

  1. sillyoleme Says:

    Sorry to hear about your brother, hope things get better for you all!

    But on the bright side, I'm glad that you can watch Scrubs and think happy thoughts. Smile I get the same feelings with King Of The Hill DVD's, because it reminds me of my BF. He's very simple and sincere, and we always used to watch that show together when we first started dating. Fun memories!

  2. shiela Says:

    I'm been watching season 6 of scrubs for the last two day, only half way there. I borrowed it from the library and it is due in few days time.

    Sorry about your brother.

  3. boomeyers Says:

    I'm sure it will be helpful to your mom to have you around to help her make the decisions that need to be made for your brother. It can help reinforce the right decision to move home.

    Glad you got the chance to pamper yourself! Why not, right? Frugal, but so helpful! Enjoy your week!

  4. Carolina Bound Says:

    I'm so sorry about your brother. It sounds like you have been dealing with this for some time and you seem pretty level-headed. I just want you to know I admire people like you who handle such difficult situations so well.

  5. pjmama Says:

    Thanks for the kind words everyone Smile You really have to have a level head when dealing with this kind of situation, and thankfully I can maintain one somewhat. lol. We'll see how things go!

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