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Unexpected NSD!

April 22nd, 2008 at 07:24 pm

So today was yet another long day. But the good news was it was a No spend day! I packed my lunch, went to class, then the psych club meeting. After that I hopped the bus home, choked down some ramen, then drove to the bar to meet a friend that was in town. We had a couple beers, a couple appetizers. It was really nice. I've been stressing out so horribly because of finals, moving, and wrapping up the semester. Having a couple drinks was well worth it. And he paid Smile So it was an unexpected, and quite pleasant NSD. That means one more dollar for my Challenge money... bringing me up to $127.98.

I'm also getting really good at driving the manual Smile

I did take up time that should have been used for studying to go out, but at this point I've become apathetic. Sure, I care about my studies still. But I've gotten A's on everything up to this point, and there's no way I'm going to fail anything.

I have one final tomorrow, another on thursday. I've been studying my butt off (though it still unfortunately has seemed to retain its size). I still have about 3 papers to write, and I'm hoping my friend calls me so I can do an interview with her tonight. I really need to write this paper...

Tomorrow should be a cheap day. Not a NSD because I really should hit the grocery store. I've put it off, but at this point I at least need to go pick up some peanut butter. Maybe another loaf of bread. I've got enough to make 2 more sandwiches. But I'd like to have some for next week. I'll be staying in the dorm with my friend. I can even keep PB&J there. haha. Some snack food would be nice too. Basically anything I can pack in my lunch.

Speaking of packing, I have to get that all done by saturday. Mom is bringing a truck with a trailer. She has a friend that owns one, so there should be no problems getting it all down in one trip. I have my boxes, I just have yet to actually pack a whole lot. I have to split up my books so the boxes aren't all so heavy. That is going to be an adventure, but I'll probably get the bulk of my packing done on friday. I have the whole day off.

Well, time to get to more homework. So much to do! Hope everyone is having a good week!

1 Responses to “Unexpected NSD!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    You are doing great! I remember being in the same place you are about grades at the end of the semester...always, needing at least a 40% on the final to get an A. It's okay, you have worked hard and it is now time to take a break. Nice job on the NSD, too. Mine wasn't so good...check out my blog to see why!!!

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