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Some good news.

April 23rd, 2008 at 02:50 pm

My day started relatively early. I have to do some homework, then I hit ALDI as soon as it opened to pick up a few things. Peanut butter, bread, and a 6 pack of V8 juice. Pretty much lunch food. I had no lunch meat, and the peanut butter will keep without refrigeration when I'm staying at the dorm with my friend a few days next week. I obviously, then, did not have a no-spend day. But the good news? I only spent $4.97. I ran home, packed my lunch, and then hopped on a bus.

Class was fine. I took my exam, and I did better than I thought I was going to. Much easier than I had anticipated. So that's good news as well.

The best news? I got a call from the registrar's office of the university I'm attending this summer, they were letting me know that I had been granted Ohio residency. So the remainder of my undergrad education is going to be about half the cost than it would have been otherwise.

So I have to finish up my semester and get things all settled to move. Coordination has been a total pain in the butt, but I think everything is going to work out. My mom's friend has a truck with a trailer, so I'll have plenty of room. It seems I'll have plenty of helping hands, or at least a few.

We're trying to finish up planning for our vacation next weekend. It seems it's going to be somewhere around $130 for gas per person if we take my mom's SUV. The room is going to be about $72 for all 3 nights per person. So that leaves me a little less than a hundred to cover food and drink costs. I have one bottle of wine that I'm going to bring. I think I have another at my mom's. So I should only have to buy maybe one more [cheap] bottle and perhaps a 6 pack of sorts. We're also going to hit the grocery store and buy food to bring with us. Sandwich stuff, fruit, snack food, things of the like.

I really need to start work as soon as I get back. Bah.

Well, I should probalby get back to homework. Everyone have a good night!

1 Responses to “Some good news.”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Sounds awesome! That is great they granted you residency!! I hope you do have lots of hands to help you move, "many hands, makes light work". I try to use that one on my kids! Smile Congrats on a good grade on your test! Things seem to be coming along well for you!

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