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Officially moved in.

April 26th, 2008 at 04:28 pm

Well, after thee worst weekend possible, I've finally got all of my things moved back to Ohio. Yesterday was quite the day. Hideously annoying and way too expensive.

I drove back to Ohio because I had some things to get accomplished. I had to go to the library to write up a poster needed for this morning.

The first problem was that I apparently still owed the $26 fee that I paid before moving to PA 2 years ago. Ugh. They didn't have my payment on file, so I had to pay it again. Just to get on the computers.

The time limits on the computers at the library were foreign to me. Long story short, 2 hours of work got erased when MS Word closed on me. So I had to get my time extended and redo it all in 30 minutes.

I went to Borders to return my book, and they gave me credit back on my Visa, which was great. There's another $19, which almost makes up for that $26 fee. Sigh. I guess it'll be worth it in the long run. I'll definitely check out books on a regular basis.

The move went fairly smooth. I wont get into the gory details of how crappy my day was, but I'm here in Ohio with BF, so things are are much better. His apt looks like a storage unit, but it'll end up okay. We need to reorganize and drop some stuff off at my mom's tomorrow.

We're making dinner in tonight, then possibly going to his parents' to watch a movie.

Well, time to eat! I'm starving. Everyone have a good night!

4 Responses to “Officially moved in.”

  1. Apprentice Fun-Frugalist Says:

    Congrats on the move !

  2. boomeyers Says:

    Glad you are there safe and sound. Now relax!

  3. Carolina Bound Says:

    Moving is always a hassle, but it will get better. Enjoy your new home!

  4. klbb90 Says:

    Welcome to your new home!

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