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Last week is going to be interesting.

April 28th, 2008 at 06:49 am

Well, I'm officially moved back to Ohio. BF's apt is still a bit cluttered, but we're working on it slowly but surely. A little more reorganization is necessary, but that will come soon enough.

As for this week, I have an exam tonight at 6. I also have to get a couple papers done before then. So today will be busy. I also need to walk down to the library to print out notes so that I can study them on the 2 hour car ride back to PA.

BF works in PA all week, and will be staying in a hotel. I get to stay with him, since I have no furniture in my apt. No cost for either of us, but gas and parking might get a little pricey. Today, BF is going to drop me off downtown, then I'll take a bus back to my apt and get the car (which has been parked there since saturday), then I'll drive it to the hotel.

Tomorrow I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'm only going to be down town for 2 hours. I dont want to drive it all the way back to my apt because the traffic is awful and I'll be having hour long waits. The gas situation would suck as well. But at the same time, I dont want to have to pay to park downtown 2 days in a row-- it would run me about $5/day. I guess the question is how much gas would I be wasting to park it elsewhere and take the bus back downtown? Hmm. I'll figure somehting out. It seems silly to pay for parking downtown if I still have an active bus pass.

I went to Marc's yesterday to pick up some food to bring with me to the hotel room. We have bread, peanut butter, and things of the like. But I also picked up some bananas and goldfish crackers. That should hold us over for a few days.

BF and I haven't gone out at all this weekend. We're both so broke, there's no way. haha. We made dinner at home on saturday night amidst unpacking. We had lunch at BF's brother's yesterday, and had sauerkraut and sausage for dinner last night. Had leftovers for breakfast this morning Smile

On the good news front, I miscalculated how much money was in my checking account, and have about $30 more than I thought I did. I like accidents when they're like that. Kind of like a happy suprise in the end!

So the plans for today? Get these papers done. Do dishes and unpack a little more. Go to the library and print out notes. Study on the way to PA. Take exam. Take bus back to car, then drive car to hotel. Relax Smile

Hope everyone has a great day, I'm going to get mine started!

1 Responses to “Last week is going to be interesting.”

  1. Apprentice Fun-Frugalist Says:

    Busy day indeed !!

    Best of luck with the exam... it's amazing how ur concentration improves when exam is so close.. U will do fine I'm sure !

    Re scrimping by with your BF.... in 20 yrs time when you both are financially secure & successful you'll laugh when you think back to having leftover sausages for breakfast !!

    Enjoy these times with your BF... these are memories u will cherish when u are older :-)

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