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March 26th, 2010 at 09:02 am

Here it is! The weekend is upon us! Very exciting, as I have quite a bit planned. Tonight going swimming at the rec with the BF. We're staying the night at his place, and driving to Columbus tomorrow afternoon to go see the Crew game (woo!). Hopefully the weather will be nicer there than it is here... snow?? Bleh...

I published a couple more on AC:

Daily Haiku Poem: Ohio Spring
Games that Strengthen Mental Acuity

Got another lead for a freelance job... so that's again good news Smile I'm calling him today.

Other than that, no real news. Just a packed schedule! I did put more $ into my savings account yesterday-- more revenue from writing. I'm now up to $74 in articles this month, and $796.77 in my savings! I feel I'm making excellent progress Big Grin

Mom got into quite a predicament changing jobs, and now has none... so that sucks, and I'm sure will be a big stress on her. I'm hoping things will pan out and I'm keeping an eye out for her. Said she has an interview tuesday, so I'm crossing my fingers.

Not sure what I'm going to do as far as the budget goes this week... it's one of those funky months where the last week half falls in the next month. So I'm not sure if I'm going to just stick it out through the 31st, or if I'm just going to start April's budget this week. I have about $2 left in the grocery budget, so there's no way I would stick to it this way.

At any rate, I hope everyone has a wonderful day and weekend Big Grin

1 Responses to “TGIF :)”

  1. Homebody Says:

    Looking forward to my weekend! Hope the snow is not too bad. Just checked our weather, party cloudy high 61 so it looks like an outside work around the yard day with rain tomorrow.

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