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Hel-lo Taxes :)

January 31st, 2011 at 12:32 pm

So I sat down today and went through TaxACT to file the numbers. Wow. That's all I can say. In fun news:

*My gross adjusted income was $23k. Surprisingly better than usual.
*Roughly 3k of that was made freelancing- pretty good considering I didn't really get into it until April.
*My tax return is almost $3k. WHAT?!

It's a bit shocking, I must say. I mean, last year it was a bit over $1k. But wow. I checked all my numbers 300 times, included EVERYTHING. I was probably more honest than every other person in the country. lol. All of my freelancing income was reported, along with babysitting money and the crap that I bought online and didn't pay sales tax for. I mean, I made more than I did last year and got more education credit because I went both semesters, but jeez. How exciting!

Needless to say, the money will be going into savings and toward debt. I guess I've got a bit of a head start on saving for that traveling. Entirely fantastic. I can also afford to go and get myself a new pair of glasses (finally). I guess thank you, Uncle Sam, for giving me my money back- at a time I can really use it.

I guess being in a low income bracket has its perks! Yay for me Smile

In spending news, I paid the $18 to file my State taxes. Well worth it, I would say!

3 Responses to “Hel-lo Taxes :) ”

  1. CouponAddict Says:

    I would like to make a suggestion for next year.

    I get to file my state return for free because I went to my states website and under the taxes section it has the options that provide FREE state efiling options.

    I also could have (you could too) went to Militaryonesource.org and they have a H&R Block Basic link that you can use to file your federal forms for free and your state taxes (up to 3 different states forms) for free.

    Congratulations on your Tax Return.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    We (my husband's military) qualified to file for free this year through TurboTax Freedom, found on the IRS website. This included our state return as well.

    @CA, I will have to remember military one source...I'm sure we don't use it nearly enough.

  3. HouseHopeful Says:

    I use a free online version as well.

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