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2nd week of school and I'm lovin it.

January 22nd, 2007 at 12:53 pm

So it was the second day of class and things are going oh-so-smoothly... except I got up way too late this morning and ended up 10 min late for the first one. But at least I got there! And didn't really miss anything in the long run Smile At any rate, I threw a few things in my bag to eat in between classes, and then walked home afterwards. I ate my leftover curry from the thai restaurant last night. Yes, I had a splurge last night (ah, to think that $30 is a splurge). But me and BF wanted to go out... sundays are my only nights off. And after all the good news that's come up in the last week, I thought it appropriate to celebrate. Besides, I haven't bought any clothes all month, so I have a little extra cash for the month anyway.

I've got work in about an hour or so. I may stop off at the coffee shop on the way to see how things are going with the biscotti and cake, which is currently in thier case. Hopefully it's selling... that would be pretty cool.

I clipped coupons yesterday, and I'll be going shopping then later this week. I didn't find as much stuff as I did last week, but some energy bars for $0.50 each is pretty good, and I eat them at school. They're quick and I only really have 10 minutes to eat. I grabbed one on the way out the door this morning to eat as breakfast too Smile Target's got my favorite ones on sale, so I might have to stop there.

At any rate, I better get going. I've got a couple things to get done before I have to leave. Have a good day, everyone!

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