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More biscotti!

January 24th, 2007 at 06:14 pm

So I got a call from the coffeeshop owner today... all the biscotti I gave him (40 pc) is gone! He called to order 60 more pieces. I guess everyone loved it! That's pretty exciting, and he couldn't have had better timing because I'll have plenty of time tomorrow to do some baking. I dont have a class until 6:00pm and BF will be at class the better part of the day. So baking and homework it will be! Not sure what kinds to make, and I really need to hit the store. I could use more nuts and eggs. Nuts are where the majority of the money is spent... last time I made pistachio biscotti, too. BF's favorite Smile The cranberry orange is pretty good as well. I was thinking about making chocolate biscotti this time, but I'm still up in the air. I'm not sure how it will turn out as I use the same recipe for every kind I make, I just change what goes into it. The texture is perfect and I dont want to mess with that... we'll see though. At any rate, there's a few extra bucks I'll make! And of course, adding it to the challenge... This month seems to be pretty profitable afterall!

I bought some food on campus today, but only about $3 worth. Pretty good for 2 weeks. I didn't want to go home to eat because it was snowing pretty hard and I didn't feel like walking to my apartment and back. Talked to my mom for a bit about a bunch of things. We'll be paying a visit to my Great Grandmother some time in February, which will be nice. I haven't seen her in ages and it seems that she's really excited. I'll have to bring her something tasty Smile She's a great cook, as many housewives were back in the 50's. It's amazing how the times have changed... At any rate, I'm pretty excited right now. I've had 2 great weeks of class, and my business ventures are picking up! Woo!

11 Responses to “More biscotti!”

  1. LittleGopher Says:

    It's great your baking is taking off! Your flavors sound very delicious. Best wishes!

  2. denisentexas Says:

    Okay, I wanna know what kind of biscotti you make! I like the stuff and would like to make some but haven't ever made it.

  3. Enough Wealth Says:

    Assuming that you want to make some money from this (rather than just for fun, and a little bit of extra cash) I'd suggest:
    a) ask the shop owner which of your biscotti sold out first - and concentrate on making the ones that sell OK/best and that cost the least for ingrediants
    b) don't think that you have to provide too much variety - remember that most of the consumers of your biscotti will only eat it once, or occasionally, so they won't be any risk of them getting bored if you only provide the same varieties every day.
    c) once you have stabilised how much/what type of biscotti you are providing to this coffee shop (eg. after a couple of weeks), then you can see how much profit you are making from sales to this one store and how much time its taking you to produce and deliver. You can then decide if you would have the time to make enough to supply another shop. If so, research what other coffee shops are within reasonable distance.

    Then again, I've never run my own business, so take my opinion with a grain of salt! Wink

  4. Cheetahwoman7 Says:

    Wonderful news! Sounds great that they're loving your biscotti. I have one suggestion: ask the shop owner if they can use their resale license to get you the ingredients at wholesale prices and you'll give them the money to make the purchases. Maybe you wouldn't want to do this for all your ingredients, but maybe the most expensive ones (like the nuts).

    If that doesn't work, I would start calling around trying to find overall the best prices. There are several stores that are geared towards selling at a price below retail but not quite wholesale, like Smart and Final.

    If the biscotti keeps selling well, look for some other coffee shops that might be interested. Ask the current coffee shop owner for references.

    Enjoy! Smile

  5. LuckyRobin Says:

    I'm delighted this is going so well for you.

  6. Mary Ann Says:

    I am so happy things are going well for you! I am curious what biscotti is so I am going to do a search!!! I know I have heard of it, just don't know for sure what it is....sounds good though! Just wanted you to know that I am glad for you with your little "Biscotti Business". Good job!

  7. pjmama Says:

    For all who are wondering, the recipe I use for my biscotti is here. I use this food network recipe and then alter it to my liking. For instance, if I'm making my cranberry orange biscotti, I use about half the nuts (and I use almonds instead of pistachios), put dried cranberries and about a tablespoon of orange zest in with the mix. Then I brush them with a glaze made of powdered sugar and fresh squeezed orange juice. I'll dip just about any kind in chocolate as well Smile

  8. fern Says:

    That's really wonderful!!

    Enough Wealth and Cheetah woman had good ideas too.

  9. fairy74 Says:

    Wow, good for you! You are making me hungry with those yummy combinations for the biscotti Smile

  10. LuxLiving Says:

    Viatera Aurora's (Tara Dawn in my broken Italian viatera=earth) Baked Goods. We knew her when!

    Mama Mia I can see it now!


  11. KEALINA Says:

    that's great news... and it sounds yummy too...

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