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Writing writing writing...

March 3rd, 2010 at 10:05 am

Alrighty, wrote another article today,which brings me up to 4 this month SmileThat goal is moving along nicely. At this rate, I'll have it covered in 3 weeks! Good stuff... though they did decline one of my articles I wrote last week. It was too specific, wouldn't get enough traffic. I have, however, been reading up on SEO a little more. Both for my article writing and for work (that's what I do at work as well, it's just more specialized and the sites I submit to don't pay). So either way, it's good research to do.

Oh! Here's a link to the article that they accepted earlier this week:

"Be Yourself": Sometimes the Oldest Relationship Advice is t...

As for today, going over to my boss' house to clean. So that'll be a little extra income... even though I'm going to have to cut my workday short :/ I wish he would have had the water turned on Sunday when I went over there... would have avoided this mess. Ah well.

Time constraints as is, I'm going to have to work quickly-- as I have a meeting to complete my intercollege transfer at 5:30, then class. Busy busy busy as usual.

I'm so excited for vacation this weekend. It's so close! I cant wait for the sunshine Smile

Okay. Off to do more work. Everyone have a great night!

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