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Vacation, and More Articles!

March 9th, 2010 at 07:27 am

Well, vacation came and went. I very much wish it would have been longer, but it's back to the real world now...

Great news about vacation (other than it being warm and very fun): I budgeted $75, and only spent $23 Smile The family totally spoiled me. But that means $52 more towards savings. I'll be adding that as soon as I deposit the cash I've got on hand.

Three more of my articles got accepted:

*Dr. Seuss gives us hope for racial equality: The Sneetches
*Surviving Bootcamp: What to Expect
*Top 10 Restaurants in Akron, Ohio

So all together it added up to be $9.65. Hopefully I'll get a decent number of page views! Regardless, every little bit helps. I need to keep writing, though!

I'm supposed to get my tax return friday. Let's cross our fingers! Then the tuition will be paid off. All bills except that one are paid for this month. Woot.

As for today's plans, I'm working, and I'll probably run for a bit on lunch. I need to start getting in shape again. Then after work I'm gonna walk down to the bank and make that deposit. Do homework, then class tonight. Busy busy. I cant believe it's already tuesday. I love 4-day weeks!

In other good news, the SUN IS SHINING. So happy to come home to warmer weather Smile Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

1 Responses to “Vacation, and More Articles! ”

  1. toyguy1963 Says:

    Sounds like things are going well for you.

    I've wanted to try Aladin's Eatery for some time but haven't been brave enough. Maybe this spring.

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