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Army Weekend Over.... Back to the Grind.

March 21st, 2010 at 03:37 pm

Well, I'm done playing army for the weekend! Whew! Now back to the grind. Got a bit of homework done, but there is much more to go... it's going to be a long night, and an even longer week.

In good news, however, I hit $50 income in article writing for the month Big Grin And still more yet to come... very exciting! Here are the 2 articles that put me over the top:

Hook, Line, and Drinkers: Excellent Bar and Restaurant in Ak...
Welcome to the Music Industry- A beginners Guide to Independ...

I went grocery shopping, and I'm still under budget for the month. I only spent $23.51- because I have so much left over from last week. I basically bought stuff for lunches over the week. And stuff for dinner last night. Very nice.

Hopefully we'll keep up the low-spending trend. If I do through this week, I will be under budget for the first time really EVER. lol. Crossing my fingers...

Hope everyone had a good weekend, and has an equally good week! Later, all Smile

1 Responses to “Army Weekend Over.... Back to the Grind.”

  1. elisabeth Says:

    Congrats on your articles!

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