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Week Wrap-up

March 6th, 2011 at 08:05 am

So I did good this week. Didn't spend any money out at restaurants, and spent minimally elsewhere. I did purchase my camera this week, so that was a bigger one. But the going out, the little extras were none. I count it a win.

Today is Sunday, which means grocery shopping day. I'll be hitting Aldi, then Marc's as usual. I'm expecting this week to be on the cheaper side, thankfully. Our grocery bills went through the roof last month. Too much stuff we didn't really need and extravagant meals (though those bacon wrapped scallops were totally worth it). This week we'll be utilizing as much stuff we already have on hand as possible. I'm back into super saving mode.

Why am I back into super saving mode? I looked at my student loans again Frown I feel like I'm consistently right where I started, and I'm getting really aggressive with it now. Because my CC has been paid off for a while now, there really is no excuse. I made a $500 payment the other day, but I'd like to throw at least another $100 by the end of the month.

After grocery shopping I'll be heading to my mom's to make sure my sister is still alive (mom is away in FL this weekend) and make dinner. And work. I'm trying to maximize the amount of $ I can make this week. Next week is spring break! That means playing catchup with my school work, trying to make even more money, and taking a day trip to Columbus with a friend. Very exciting Smile

At any rate, I should get this day started (for real). It's already 11:00, after all! Hope you all have a great Sunday!

2 Responses to “Week Wrap-up”

  1. Jerry Says:

    The thought of bacon-wrapped scallops (yummers) leads me to think of comedian Jim Gaffigan and his bit about bacon. Have you seen it? Hilarious. Smile I know what you mean about super-saving mode. My GI Bill is just about to hit (at last!) but we are totally stressing about cash and worried about paying for the rest of school, some required travel, etc. Ah, it would be so nice to be living off of some rich relative's annuity sometimes, wouldn't it? Oh well.

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