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First week over.

April 24th, 2006 at 07:45 am

Alright. So my training at the restaurant is all said and done, and finally I am making tips. A lot of tips. Actually, I'm making more money than I ever have in my life. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about it. I only made tips for a week, and aside from the money being more than sufficient to pay rent, electric, and the cell bill this coming month, I also had enough left over to indulge a little Smile guilt free indulgence has never been an idea in my book, but I have finally managed to accomplish it. I bought a new pair of jeans [much needed], a couple of cute tops, a new cookbook [williams sonoma yummy!], and the DVD set of one of my fave shows. Not to mention, me and the boy stopped to get a snack at panera yesterday. Baguette and coffee. Yum! Last week we went and got lunch at this fancy Spanish restaurant. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and they had a small patio, so we sat outside and ate our delicious spanish lunch. I felt like I was in europe at a little cafe. Still cant quite afford a visit to Barcelona, but that visit to Mallorca was a nice second place! Smile

All settled in...

April 13th, 2006 at 09:08 am

Well. I'm all moved in, and I'm happy to say just about everything is unpacked! It's been a while since my last update... I moved in on April 1, and obviously some time has passed since. We moved in on a Saturday. I'm happy to say I had a new job by monday. It's my second week at this upscale japanese restaurant, and I got the waitressing job that I've been wanting for a while. My boss told me I would be making on average $60 a shift, though one of the waitresses says that she makes $100 per shift. I'm a beginner, so I'll shoot somewhere in the middle, but that's still great! Much more than I made back in Ohio... I think last year I made about $7000. Granted, that's working part time, and in school. I should still make at least $15,000 this year, if not more. And that's not bad when you're still in college! Of course I'll need that to pay living expenses. I just got my last 2 paychecks from Ohio, and those are enough to cover the cell payment and groceries. Thank god, though, that I'll finally have paid my boy back the money I owed him (we ran into trouble when we switched phone companies, and he pulled me out of a bind), so I'll only be paying half the phone bill again. Whew! So really, it'll only be cell, rent, electric, insurance quarterly, and my perscription every month. Let's just hope I dont get sick! I think everything should run very smoothly until I start school in the fall, and then I still think it will run smoothly. I've decided I'll probably just take classes in the morning so i can still work 5 or so dinner shifts during the week. Either way, I'll get it all figured out. As for right now, I'm just enjoying the nice weather on my day off. We have to go buy some hangers, and perhaps an iron and ironing board! My work shirts are looking a bit rough... Sorry for writing such a long entry!