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Found my car!

September 6th, 2007 at 08:16 pm

That's right. I've found it. We looked at old Hondas aplenty, and a friend of the restaurant I work at came through. 1996 Honda Prelude, 1 owner, no accidents (outside of it running into the curb. He's replacing the suspension this week), and all for the low cost of $2500. *Fantastic* deal. He's giving it to me for wholesale price. He and the man that own the restaurant I work at run this car rental business, and they're getting rid of some of the vehicles that have higher miles on them (this one has almost 200k, but still, that aint bad). This guy is taking care of me, and I'm quite appreciative of it. BF and I looked at the car today. I'm super excited. I never thought I'd ever drive a red car, but it is quite so. I'll have to make sure and not speed :P

In other news, I've [finally] gotten signed up for my online class, and they made a mistake in saying I have PA residency (though technically I dont think I do- my liscence says Ohio), so I only had to pay $310 for the class (out of state I would have paid double that).

I packed my lunch today, ended up getting subway for dinner. The kid's meals there are awesome. I got a mini sub, a baggie of apple slices, and milk for $3.70-- and a TOY, which I was quite excited about Smile The yo-yo ended up being a flop, but I was happy to have it regardless.

Well, those are the highlights of the day. I'm sure I could keep rambling, but unfortunately I have things to do. Everyone have a great night!

Lovely Weekend

September 3rd, 2007 at 07:56 pm

I had a really fun weekend. I gained and lost financially. Recap:

Yesterday, BF and I went shopping. I managed to spend about $160 on clothes. However, I bought a pair of jeans I love (I've really been needing new pants), and a couple bras (which I was in desperate need of). I got 2 new shirts- one of which I wore with a pair of dress pants to dinner last night, the other which is a nice plain teeshirt (versatile). I managed to only spend $7 at the bar... very nice.

Today, BF's Gram took us to Sam's Club unexpectedly. This was fantastic. The amount of money we'll save in food will more than compensate for the money I spent on clothes. Just trust me on that one Smile For brunch, Gram cooked popovers and other breakfasty goodies (delicious, by the way). For dinner, BF and I went to my parents' for a cookout (also delicious). So the only money spent today was on flowers for mom (just because, and just because they were on sale for about $2- very pretty), tolls and gas money, and the tomatoes and lettuce mom asked me to pick up for the BBQ.

I feel quite spoiled between the dinner and Sam's Club run BF's grandparents provided for us. They're incredibly wealthy people, but I'm still trying to figure out why I deserve such treatment. BF and I talked with them about money over brunch, which was an interesting experience, if not a bit entertaining. They are a true testament, however, that if you scrimp, save, and then work the stock market, you can be very financially comfortable later in life Smile Still practically kids in thier 80's, I love them to death.

So overall it was a great weekend. BF and I have been having a bit of fun before this semester really kicks into gear. I have a few more snags to work out as far as registration and my loans go. I have some calls to make in the morning before class. At any rate, I should get going. I need to pack my lunch for tomorrow. It's back to the 'ole routine! And we're looking at cars tomorrow, I believe. woo!

Have a great night, everyone!

First Week of School

September 2nd, 2007 at 06:39 am

Well, I survived the first week of school, rather painfully in a financial sense. I was adjusting to my new schedule, and of course bought a bunch of crap food on campus. I'll have to fix this next week.

I'm down to 3 nights a week, due to school. It seems this week, however, I have more entertainment activities. Thursday night we went back to Ohio to see Rush (which was a great show, by the way, that some of you more "seasoned" listeners would have appreciated). My mom met up with us, which was really nice.

Today I'm off to Ohio yet again to hang out with BF's grandparents. They're taking us to Hyde Park tonight (I know... fancy). I was formerly considering going to buy something to wear, but then after going through my closet, I'm going to tell myself to shut up because I have more than enough clothes as it is. Should be a nice dinner, though Smile

Tonight we're off to the bars to dance with friends. I'm quite excited about this one, but not planning to drink quite as much as BF says he's going to, so I'm hoping my bar tab isn't too awful.

In other financial news, we're taking our laundry to Ohio to do it at either Gram and Gramps' or at my parents' Smile Tomorrow we're going to a labor day cookout at my parents', and I'm pretty excited. I get to see mom twice this week!

I reorganized my spreadsheets today and in them updated my puny savings account figures and such. I spent way too much money this month, but it was still a bit better than usual. I need to get to the bank to deposit this money... BF gave me his half of the rent and utilities in cash, mom gave me that check for books, and I have all the money I made at work in cash right now as well. I'll have to do that on tuesday. At any rate, sorry for the rambling, and everyone have a wonderful holiday weekend!

p.s. BF and I are doing much better.,, so far.