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First day of class!

August 28th, 2006 at 12:22 pm

So... my first class went incredibly well. I loooove my professor. He's hysterical, and it is going to be an incredibly easy A. Psych 150 with Bob. The other good news is that I got the wrong book for the class. While that seems bad, it turns out that the book I need is only $30, and tomorrow I will be returning in full the one I bought for $87. It seems as if the bookstore listed one too many for the section, and I wasn't the only one who got caught in that one. Luckily, I keep my reciepts. For everything, actually. So tomorrow I'll be receiving that $87. So I have a little more in extra funds than I had anticipated. Woo! That means Tara gets a new bookbag [finally!] mine is falling apart... Frown I saw some that weren't too bad in price... Tomorrow I have 3 classes instead of 1. I'm enjoying being back in school thus far. I've already done my homework for the class [though I would hardly refer to reading 6 pages homework]. I'm trying my best to practice good time management this semester. I'm a horrible procrastinator usually, but with all I've got going on right now, it seems thatI should keep ontop of it all so as not to drown in it! Well, work tonight. Later guys!


August 27th, 2006 at 05:55 am

I find all the talk of allowances very ironic, because I just created one for myself yesterday- After a nice talk with my mother... one of those coversations that ends in the "Yes Mother," the kind that I particularly cringe at. Here's my situation: My parents are paying nothing- yes, not a cent- of my college expenses whatsoever. I have never held that against them. Until I realized that they went out and bought and expesive RV, a year-round campsite, and a golf cart. My father goes to Vegas every year, and my mother had a trip to the beach back in the spring. Where do I come in?? What's more, my mother wouldn't even cosign a loan for me until recently. Luckily, my credit score was good enough to obtain a loan without her signature.

I just recently moved out of thier house, so I am now financially independent of them. With the exception of my health insurance, that is. But I pay my own rent, electric, cell phone, transportation, books, and tuition.

So yesterday I was having a conversation with my mom about how relieved I was that my loans had gone through and I will in fact be able to go to class this semester. Big relief. Then I was explaining to her how I had to switch my loan from a year loan to a semester, and I'm going to throw the difference in a savings account and add to it throughout the semester to hopefully come to the total by the time it needs to be paid.

And SHE has the audacity to say: "Well then I dont want to hear about you buying clothes anymore. If I'm helping you I dont want you to blow all your money on stupid things." First of all, the only help she gave me was the signature that I didn't even end up using. Second of all, it is my money and I will distribute it how I see fit, and thirdly, give me a break.

That is why I decided to give myself an allowance. I dont think it's fair for me to completely eliminate all misc expenditures- including clothes- however, most of the allowance dollars will be put towards savings. Obviously my tuition takes more than just a little priority, but I dont think that justifies not having ANY spending money. A girl's gotta live and indulge a LITTLE, especially since the colder months are coming up and I could REALLY use a new pair of shoes. (I for the most part live in Birkenstocks. I need cold weather black shoes...).

I find it amazing how my mother- who gives me little to no financial backing whatsoever- can tell me how to manage my finances. Especially considering how poorly she manages her own! grr. Thanks guys for letting me blow some steam :/

2 more days

August 26th, 2006 at 06:31 am

I've got 2 more days until school starts, and I'm getting more and more antsy. I just really wish I had my bio book! The good news is that I got my paycheck yesterday, and I'm not in the red anymore! I actually made $50. My boss messed up the first month or so that I worked with payroll, so I owed my restaurant money. The good news is that it comes out of my paychecks rather than my tips, so I'm still making a nice chunk of change. Having money on my paycheck just means that I made crap for tips that week. haha. Taxes... Either way. So I have that unanticipated $50, not to mention I volunteered to work (on my DAY OFF) as a hostess, so I'll get my tips from that today. And I've got a double to work today. Tomorrow me, 2 of my coworkers, the bf, and my boss decided we wanted to go grocery shopping together. I'm desparate. I am almost out of everything I eat. haha. And once school starts, I'm gonna pack lunches. No use in spending way too much money eating out becuase I'm on campus. I used to do that at my old university. Then after grocery shopping, my coworker wanted to have a picnic. It sounds like fun for sure. Hope the weather holds up. And then tomm night we have band practice, but it cant run TOO late cause I've got class at 8am on monday morning. woo!

I already paid my rent, electric, and cell bills for Sept. So everything is great with that. No worries. I do, however, have to buy a bus pass for sept- discounted through the university. woo! And I also have to renew my membership to the YMCA... which thankfully, is also highly discounted through my university. So that's another $35 for the semester. I haven't gone in a week or so and I'm wondering if I should just forget about it and use the REC center at the university, but me and a coworker have been going together, and I cant get her into the REC. Either way...

I wish the bank was open up here. I need to deposit my paycheck! My bank is super-stupid about that. All banks should be open on saturdays! :/

Finally... the semester is set!!!

August 24th, 2006 at 08:43 pm

Let's have a breath of fresh air guys.... *sigh* all of my student loans have gone through -finally- and the semester is all set. I have only one more book to buy. Well, possibly two considering I got the wrong edition of one of my books online Frown but aside from that, everything is right as rain. And class starts in 4 days!!! I'm so excited. I cant wait to get back into the groove of things. I had to change my original $5500 loan for the year to a semester loan to cover the full amount. They tell me that I'm going to get a check for the difference in tuition cost- about $1400- and I'm going to throw it into a savings account and add to it throughout the semester for the spring. I figure I'll have the full amount by then... or at least we can hope. Good news! My band had a show last week. We made $10 between the 3 of us. So there's an extra $3.33 at my disposal. haha. Doesn't exactly cover the cost of my Bio book, but it's a start. haha. At any rate, I played my first show in my new town and that's something to be excited about. More to come! Hopefully with a bigger dollar amount... that would be nice anyway. Either way, I better get going. Later guys!


August 11th, 2006 at 07:14 am

Alright, so maybe I wont be relaxing TOO long. Our guests left yesterday, but there's a new batch coming tonight. boo. They wont be gone until Tuesday. Grr. But the upside is that I have from now until I go to work to do nothing but relax. Woo! It's nice. And practice too... I've got that show next friday. Totally psyched. Perhaps I'll buy another book today for school. I'm getting them slowly but surely. And no more eating out this week! Well, that's a lie, but I'm making my boy pay for it from now on. I've got too much food in the house to be eating out. bleh. At any rate, I better get going. Later!

More on this Week.

August 10th, 2006 at 06:29 am

Sheesh. Still so busy! Our friends are still in town and more come on saturday. But I have good news! I'm off today! whoo! And I'm getting my hair done on monday, which is wonderful. It's way past due. And I also have a show next friday, which will be my first gig ever in Pittsburgh. Quite exciting, though I know I'm not ready... at any rate, lunch today, practice tonight. Tomorrow I will be relaxing in front of my TV all morning and afternoon until I decide to get up to go to work. I've informed my manager of this, and he seems quite sympathetic. ha. The eating healthy thing is going incredibly well. I've excercised twice this week. Not too bad. Going to the gym today. So that is good. Didn't make a whole lot yesterday at work... it was just one of those days. At any rate, better get going! Later!


August 7th, 2006 at 08:27 pm

So it's the first day of what I call "my improvement." Basically my nutritional and financial makeover. haha. I have seemed to survive the day rather painlessly, and I'm awfully proud of myself. Not only did I accomplish a lot, but I made a decent amount of money at work, and stuck to my diet. I went grocery shopping today, spent about $50. I didn't hold back, I didn't even buy what was cheapest. I set my sights on what was most health concious, but I also have a menu created for the week, and I managed to only buy what was on my list. I did pretty good. Goodness, is it expensive eating healthy. But I've decided no more ramen. Some things are just more important. The good news is that I got my french book in the mail the other day a la half.com and I saved $73.51. I'm adding that to my challenge money, along with $1 for it being a no silly-spending day. That brings me to $101.51. Not too shabby! And I ordered another book today. We'll count it when it comes in though. I've got 2 long doubles ahead of me (I'm a server), and I'll be soooo tired by thursday, but lordy knows I can use the money! At any rate, time to get going. Later!

Back Home

August 6th, 2006 at 08:49 am

So I've been staying at my parents' house for the weekend, spending time with my friends and family. I leave to go back home today. I'm definitely ready. ha. I love going back to my hometown, but I of course spend way too much money when I do. You get lunch- and dinner- with friends at restaurants, buy way too much booze, all that. And we've partied for the last 2 nights. whew. I've got work tonight and I'm afraid I'm gonna be pretty out of it. At any rate, dont really have any updates. Just needed to breathe that sigh of relief. When I get back home, things are going to be different. I've decided to stop giving up my diet every other day, and crack down on the spending once an for all. I need all the support I can get! We've got a lot of company at the apartment this week, so it will be no easy task, but I'm really gonna try. Later then kids!

$20 challenge and other adventures

August 5th, 2006 at 07:37 am

Okay. My update:
$4.00 because I had 2 no spend days this week. I'm then going to add another $4 because I stayed at work on my break rather than walking around, and I resisted Starbucks. I dont think I can get a drink cheaper than $4 at starbucks. ha. So now I'm at $28.

And just to let everyone know, I went into a Barnes&Noble the other day and managed to walk out empty handed. For all of you book addicts out there, that is no easy task and you know it Smile

I have however spent a little money, but being out of town right now it's rather unavoidable. Lucky for me mom is helpin me out and she took me shopping yesterday, so at least now I have a new pair of jeans and a couple of tops... I was in dire need of jeans.

At any rate, I better get going. Later guys!

$20 challenge begins again!

August 2nd, 2006 at 06:52 am

So I'm gonna start it today. I've got $20... for every no-spend day, I'm gonna add 2. We'll see how the day goes Smile

Current $: 20.00

Work today!! Hope I make some $. Wish me luck! Later guys!

Copy Cat pt.2

August 1st, 2006 at 01:13 pm

So to follow the trend the cool kids created Smile The things I will not buy for the rest of 2006:

Books (non-academic)
Random Refreshments
pumpkin seeds

These are the only things I buy on a semi-constant basis. My bf came up with his own list, but it was substantially shorter:


Hello again!

August 1st, 2006 at 12:54 pm

Goodness it feels like ages! A couple of months have passed by with no entries... I've been INCREDIBLY busy. At any rate, school is coming up soon. I'm on a real tight budget right now, priced my books the other day. Outrageous as usual... grr. The good news is that they'll be substantially less on amazon. I had to apply for another student loan.. tuition was a little more than expected. So it's back to the ramen/easymac/applesauce diet. My bf's grandmother takes him to Sam's Club every once in a while, and we have the army supply. I had to buy a bus pass yesterday, and a greyhound ticket to go back home this weekend, but outside of that I'm doing okay. I've been looking through my reciepts and it seems that i spend WAY too much money on food. Groceries and eating out both. I'm happy to say that I've gone 2 days without making a single food purchase. That's a lot for me. And we're running awfully low on just about EVERYTHING. grr. Lucky for me, I get free meals every shift I work at the restaurant. Not to mention, I discovered this point system that National City has... I can accumulate points and get amazon.com gift certificates to go toward my books. Woo! Not a bad setup. At any rate, I better get going. I'll try to post again soon however!