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Everyday ho-hum-ness.

September 22nd, 2009 at 02:53 pm

Well, sat down this morning and went over the damage from the weekend and put it in the books. Yay. Not terrible... could have been worse.

My babysitting clients sent me a text this morning, I have a job lined up for saturday night. Woo! I'm making more extra cash here than I anticipated. Excellent news.

BFF's husband (my other great friend and roomate) gets home from his stint in Egypt tomorrow. Much excitement! So it's going to be an eventful week for sure. I have drill this weekend, so I wont be doing anything particularly crazy. Sunday is only going to be a half day, though, because I already went in and got my paperwork done.

Still need to head down to the university to get everything in line for January. Sometime this week, for sure.

Other than that, just talked to BF for a bit today. It's the first time this week we've really had time to talk. Things seemed to have calmed down a bit on base. He's feeling much better. A relief.

I'm off to get some dinner with the roomies, then I think we're coming back here and watching some movies I rented from the library. woo!

Hope everyone has a great night!

Oh monday...

September 21st, 2009 at 07:12 am

Well, as I should have expected, I spent a little more than I had intended at the Indian Festival on saturday. It was a really fabulous day, though. I bought 2 tunics, a yoga video, a henna tattoo (it looks excellent), and a bunch of amazing food. Got to have a girl's day. I would say it was worth every penny. And I was still under $100 for the trip in its entirety.

Not spending a whole lot this week, however. Last night went to dinner with Pop, BFF, and Bro#3. Pop covered the meal, which was incredibly nice of him. That's twice in one week, though. I'm beginning to feel like a mooch... bah.

I met with a man yesterday who posted on craigslist that he wanted someone to clean his house once a week. Took bro#3 with me for security measures, and it seems like he's not going to cut me up into little pieces, so I'm going over there today to start. Yay for odd jobs! I definitely need the cash flow, and he also runs an online radio station, which is pretty cool. Gave him a copy of my demo, so he may actually play it. Added bonus Smile

Went to the movies last night with a good friend. His roomate is the manager at the theatre, so we got in for FREE Smile So I got to see District 9 and pay nothing. A great deal, I must say. And the movie was awesome.

So other than that not a whole lot going on. Need to go to the unviersity tomorrow to get all my paperwork underway. Yoga tonight. Then meeting with a friend I'm having issues with so we can rehash the past... ugh. His idea, not mine. But I guess we'll see how it goes.

BFF's hubby comes home from Egypt here on wednesday, so it'll be quite the celebratory weekend. I have drill, though, so not too terribly celebratory for me Smile haha. I can be DD...

Heard from pseudo-BF finally... something had gone down over in the big sandbox. Specifically, a black hawk, inside base. I found an article on it online, but there were no specifics, and he's not allowed to release the info. I'm just happy he's okay. There was one person that died in the crash and 12 that are hurt. I'm hoping they all recover successfully... I cant wait til he's home safe. It's hard to think of how much danger he really is in while he's over there. Sigh...

Welp, hope everyone has a great monday! I'm off to get my day started!

Babysitting and end of sept goals.

September 18th, 2009 at 07:21 am

So I snagged a babysitting job last night, which is great. Only watched the girls for a few hours, but made $27. Not bad for last minute, out of nowhere!

Went grocery shopping during the day, and spent about $45. Could have done better, but BFF wanted to go to Marc's, so we ended up there instead of Aldi... next time for sure. Not only that, but I have to get back into the swing of things... cooking, planning meals is something I haven't done in almost 7 months. I'm so used to the military making my meals for me... and not having to pay for them. haha.

After the kids went to bed last night I hammered out my october budget. I'll post it here closer to October. Still working on my goals for october, but I think I've more or less finished my financial goals for the remainder of September:

*Dont use CC-- AT ALL.
*Get a job.
*Make at least $75 in extra income ($27 of which I already have covered).
*Minimal spending on entertainment.

I opted out of going to the bar last night, so I likely saved at least $10. Probably more... heh. I'm going on saturday to this Indian Festival in Columbus, so I've given myself $50 to work with, including meals. We'll eat breakfast before heading out. I'll probably pack a granola bar or two in my purse, and hope they have some cheap(er) food around the festival. It'll probably be better if we avoid sit-downs. And I'm sure I'll want to buy something while I'm there, so that gives me a little money to work with.

Going job hunting in a few hours with a friend of mine who is also unemployed. He has wheels, so it helps a bit. About to go on a nice 6 mile run here in a few. As my first sgt used to remind us all the time, "PT is free!" I should be keeping in shape anyway.

Not sure what the plans are for tonight. I may be going to watch my little sis play in the highschool band at the football game. Or I may just stay in. I haven't been feeling terribly social since I've been home. Not sure what that's all about, but hopefully it will pass.

Either way, time to get running! I've got quite the full schedule today. Hope everyone has a good one!

Getting stuff done...

September 16th, 2009 at 10:59 am

So I wrote out a list of things I needed to get done, and I've completed quite a few of them...

Had a job interview this morning, which went pretty well. It's an assistant teaching position at a childcare facility, which is fabulous. But they dont really have all that much time available. So I'll likely end up working there on a substitute basis. They're going to call me back with the hours they can guarantee. The good news about this is I'll still get the training for free, which I can use elsewhere. Not only that, but it's through the YMCA, so I'll get member benefits as well. So it's not all bad. And if they do end up needing a more permanent person, I'll already be around.

So there's that... I'm leaving here in another hour or so to go fill out job applications elsewhere. I've been searching craigslist, and emailed my resume to a couple other places. Checked my credit score for the first time in a while... 696 Frown Not TERRIBLE, but not good either. No bad accounts, just a lot of debt, and a CC very near its limit.

I started car shopping online. I found a couple that look promising. The one is a great deal... 2007 Corolla with only 50k miles for $8k. The only problem is that it's a private seller (I'm sure the reason the price is so good), but I only really wanted to put $4-5k down.

See, I'm getting my bonus, which will be around $8500 after taxes are taken out. I wanted to use about $2k to pay off my CC, the other $1500 to throw into a short-term CD to use to go to Kenya next summer. I mean, paying for a car in cash means I wont have a car payment, but it also means I'll still be paying on my CC... which has an outrageous interest rate. So I really need to find either a cheaper car, or one that I can put less down on and make monthly payments for a couple years. Even so, I'm not looking to spend more than around $8k on a vehicle.

Bah... this is all so much. Also called the University, and left a message for the military student office... hopefully they'll call me back so I can get the ball rolling on all that. Left a couple voicemails pertaining to other things as well. So the day has seen some progress.

At any rate, time to go put some laundry away and do more of it! I'm going to attempt to seek employment, and everyone have a great day!

Oh my...

September 14th, 2009 at 01:54 pm

So... called the bank today. That was a total mess... As it turns out, the branch I opened my account at in PA was taken over by an entirely different bank, so my account is through a bank that is nowhere near Ohio... Fabulous. The only good news is that they had already mailed a debit card to my mom's, and I have checks. So at least I have access to my money.

I just have to open a new account locally and transfer everything and it's all a big mess. Sigh...

Went to my armory to get my paperwork all in order, which went well until my readiness NCO mentioned me being a 15V. I told her I was trained as a 15S, and she said, "oh. we may have some problems." Both jobs are "small helicopter mechanic," but they're different models. My unit doesn't carry the model I'm trained on. So it's looking like I'm going to be reclassed here in the near future... joy of joys.

Someone messed up and put me in the wrong school. It's bad because I'll have to go BACK to school, which means however many weeks more. The good news is that I'll be trained for 2 different jobs, which means more promotion points. And versatility. But it's another big pain... hopefully I'll know within the next month or so what's going to happen. They told me to still enroll in school, that they wouldn't pull me out in the middle of a semester for something like that. So we'll see what happens.

Other than that, the day has been pretty low-key. Phonecalls made, paid my student loan bill, rescheduled my job interview, and just continued trying to sort everything out. I'm going to my yoga class this evening, after having dinner at my mom's. Then back home to continue unpacking and hang out with the BFF.

I wanted to get a jump on the job application process, but my time spent at the armory was much longer than anticipated. I'll have to work on it tomorrow. I'll also have to go on a run tomorrow. I was bummed about not having time this morning, but my yoga class will be plenty of physical activity for today. And I certainly need it.

I've been awfully stressed out these last days home... it's hard to be back, with everything around me reminding me of the ex. Things with us are still sketchy and messy and all over the place. It's a really stressful situation. I think it's just going to take some getting used to. And time. And keeping busy.

Either way, hope everyone has a great night! I'm off to eat some ravioli!

And she's home.

September 13th, 2009 at 07:36 am

So I made it safely home, thank goodness-- after almost missing my flight due to a bank error. Bleh. Words to the wise: if your platoon sgt tells you to wait to the last minute to get money out of the ATM to pay the cab driver to get you to the airport, do yourself a favor and just kick him in the face.

My checking account is frozen, zeroed out online for some strange reason. It says something about transfer balance for conversion, and I know they're switching systems here soon, but I have to pay my bills, and I cant if my money is locked in limbo. So I have to call them or go to the bank tomorrow. Yippie.

Other than that, my travel home was really quite painless. No terrible delays, spent a good portion of my layover chillin on a couch in the USO (those are pretty fabulous, by the way). And it was free! Didn't have to pay for a cab in the end, the flight, or my baggage (and there was a LOT of it).

Went to my storage unit to get my clothes out and pay my bill... mom was slacking. Told them I'd be out by the end of the month, so I'll get the rest of my stuff moved and I wont be paying for storage anymore woo! Thankfully the BFF has plenty of space in her house for all my crap.

We went out to dinner last night with a couple friends, which was *amazing*. And went out dancing til the wee hours of the morning, which is always a good time. It was a pretty excellent day. Well, except for the ex driving me crazy... but that's a whole different story. Sigh... I'm fairly certain men will be the death of me.

As for today? Art in the Park. The BFF is in the shower, and I'll be following, then we're off! And making dinner for her father in law tonight. His wife died a few months ago... everyone we know was really close to thier family, and it was pretty devastating to him. BFF goes over there every sunday to have dinner with him, and now I get to be part of the tradition Big Grin

Other than that, no plans for today. Finish unpacking my clothes... try not to go insane... haha. We have to go get keys made for me. Party... haha.

Tomorrow I go to my unit to get all my paperwork copied and in order. Get my bonus paperwork in so it can get processed and I get *PAID*. Get my scholarship paperwork in and my GI bill rollin for the winter. I have to go to the university here soon as well, and get everything straight for school in January.

And job hunt... I need to do a whole lot of that too. There are a whole list of places I need to grab applications from. I did see my LES, and I will be getting paid on tuesday. Woo! So I'm not totally screwed for the month. It's a total relief. I just have to watch the spending. As soon as I get my bank situation under control, I'll get my budget in order and really buckle down on things.

So I'm going to go get my day started. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!