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Paid off the Credit Card :D

August 31st, 2010 at 05:24 am

So keeping up with the theme, August was the month of many good financial things-- my big Army windfall helped out a lot with all this, but it was much overdue.

Today's big news, as you can tell, is that my credit card is PAID OFF. I made the payment just a few minutes ago. I'm worried that the interest may still be charged, because it takes a couple days to process the payment and it's the 31st. Regardless, I still count it a win as it is a big fat zero in my spreadsheet!

So what now? As you can see on my sidebar, there are only 2 longer term financial goals listed... save up for vacation money (as the plane ticket money is already in my account), and pay off my student loans. That will be the big one, for sure.

I also want to start an emergency fund after my vacation money is saved up (which hopefully wont take too long, esp considering I wont be making CC payments anymore).

I feel so much more financially stable than I did earlier this year. I've completed a number of goals for the year, and I'm super pumped about that. It feels like things are really coming together, and I feel a bit more financially responsible. It's a really good feeling.

Next? Once the payment goes through, I want to check my credit score Smile It's been a while, and I can only imagine that paying it off improved it, which was the goal. I'll be crossing my fingers!

Alrighty, time to get moving! Class soon!

Kitten is home! But has fleas... :/

August 29th, 2010 at 05:18 pm

So we brought our kitten home today-- Charlie. And I have fallen in love. I believe it's something that goes along with watching him fall asleep in my purple suede ballet flat... absolutely adorable. I think the only thing that beats it is him falling asleep on ME Smile

Bad news? Baby has fleas. Didn't notice til we got him home, though it wouldn't have mattered. He's got 'em. A good deal of his fur is white, so they're easy to spot. I'm happy I read up on it on the internet, as I assumed you could just put topical flea treatments on kittens, but as it turns out... no.

I took the advice I found, which was bathing him in Dawn dish liquid. He did really well for it being his first time in the environment and BAM. Bath time! He fought, of course, but I finished with minimal scratches. We pulled about 12 adult fleas off of him with the flea comb. When I stopped finding them, I finally let him go and got him with the blow dryer on low. Little guy was shivering a storm, even though he had been partially wrapped in a towel for the entire process.

I've seen a couple on him since, and tried to snag them with the comb, but those buggers are a pain and he was fidgeting. Doesn't make for easy removal. I dont want to give him another bath too soon. I'm thinking in the middle of the week.

We're taking him camping next weekend, so there was a good chance he could have contracted something in the woods regardless, but I still dont want him to be miserable or contract anything from them.

So any tips on getting rid of the pests? I'm going to continue combing him, and I'm taking him to the vet right after labor day. I'm worried about bathing him too frequently, but I dont want the little guy to suffer until he's old enough to get frontline. He's about 7-8 weeks now.

Well, aside from Charlie, there is no real financial news. Went grocery shopping. Nothing crazy. Still had a lot of stuff from last week that we never cooked, so it was really just the essentials.

Finally grabbed that check from my old house, so I'll deposit it tomorrow and make a big payment on the CC. It'll be paid off so soon!

That's about it. Looking to have a low spending week. This past week was a bit much. Went out too much is all, really. Fun times, but a bit exhausting-- both to my person and my wallet!

Hope everyone has a great night!

And she has a car :)

August 27th, 2010 at 12:59 pm

Well, went and looked at that snazzy 2001 Toyota corolla... and bought it. It was exactly what I was looking for, and handles great. Ran me less than expected-- $5300 out the door, and with less than 100k miles. And it's a manual Smile

So I have a set of wheels, and just set up insurance with Geico. They did me well before and have discounts that applied. So I even got full coverage (mind you, with a $500 deductible), but for only $65/month. Not bad.

I've updated my sidebar... I have the money to pay for a plane ticket (and will be doing so within a couple weeks), so my savings for now is for actual money to be spent on Vacation. Woot. I put a $500 payment on my CC and I'm down to $764.20. I'll get that reimbursement check from the university today, deposit it tomorrow, and pay off the balance next week. Wooooo hoooooo!!!! Everything not spent on the CC will be put into savings, naturally Smile

So very exciting to be in this great financial place. Today not much going on, except we need to get stuff for the kitty that is coming home sunday. I'm veeery excited about this, and cant wait to get the apartment all set up. Tonight is board game night with friends. Good times all around. So more spending will commence here in a bit, but nothing too crazy. Groceries need to be bought, and cat stuff. woot.

Just wanted to share my excitement. I would post pics, but my battery charger has been at camp since my job ended. I'll be picking that up today as well. Yay errands... yay being able to drive myself to said errands! lol.

Later, guys!

First Week of School

August 26th, 2010 at 04:51 am

Well, it's back to school for me, and it's certainly been a busy week. Not so much busy with classes, but everything else!

Car shopping continues, and I plan to look at a couple tomorrow (because I have no classes). I'm finding a lot in my price range on cars.com and Craigslist. I'm feeling good about the two I'm planning on driving... So cross your fingers!

I'm picking up that check from my old roomates tomorrow, as I haven't had time this week. I'll then deposit and put a big payment on my CC Smile It's fantastic to know that it will be paid off within a couple months. Then I start on those pesky student loans!

In other financial news, I'm getting a kitten! I miss having a fuzzy creature around the house, and they've been told to be much less maintenance. That being said, I've only raised a puppy, not a kitten. I think it'll be a great experience. We looked at the little guy yesterday, and he's very much full of spunk and energy! I think it's going to be a great match...

That being said, though, it's also going to cost a bit. He himself is free-- dumped on a doorstep in a box with a few brothers and sisters. He's only about 6 weeks old, though, so he'll need a vet visit, shots, and everything else. I plan on making all of my own cat toys (and plenty of them!), and a cat bed. But he'll need food, dishes, a scratching post, treats, etc.

As for spending, we went out with BF's friends both monday and tuesday night. We'll be out again tonight. Not really my preference, but while he's driving me to campus, I dont have much of a choice. I'm a bit tired of it, but next week wont be so bad. Last night had dinner at mom's and did laundry. Brother is back in town and out of the airforce. Had to see him, and my cousin came over. Very nice Smile

Tomorrow we'll be car shopping, then stopping at the Rec (free), and having a boardgame night with friends (not out paying $4-5/beer).

Today I have class and will be working. A lot. My writing is coming along nicely, and I've already hit my $200 mark for freelancing income this month. Good stuff Smile

It's going to be a good weekend!

And the planets align... FINALLY!

August 22nd, 2010 at 12:06 pm

I recently wrote a blog entry celebrating the $2k I found in an old bank account that had been there since June. That was the GI backpay that was owed to me from last semester.

This weekend, I FINALLY got paid my enlistment bonus pay-- minus the $2k or so I had debt to the army because they had overpaid me when I got back from AIT. This means about $5k showed in my usual bank account... holy crap! I can finally buy a car Big Grin

It's even better though, because my balance with the university is a big fat ZERO. This means that my army scholarship processed correctly this semester AND I got grant money from the government to cover the difference. Best part? They covered MORE than the difference, which means I should have money coming to me from them as well.

Even better... I got notification that my GI bill is set in motion, and will be the correct amount this semester.

Even better... now that my debt with the army is cleared up, I get my full drill payments-- which means closer to $160/month instead of $55/month.

I'm able to buy the plane ticket for december without charging a red cent to my credit card, I'm able to buy a halfway decent vehicle to get me back and forth without incurring any debt, I dont have to work a full time job outside of writing this semester because my GI will cover my bills, and because of all this I will also realistically pay off my credit card in the next few months. WOW. I've never felt better Smile

I've worked so hard for so long, and things are finally paying off.

My vacation was pretty amazing, too.

That's all for now. Just wanted to share my excitement Big Grin

Holy Money I didn't know about...

August 19th, 2010 at 08:00 am

So I got a call from military services about my backpay for my GI I didn't receive last semester. A string of phonecalls lead me to the fact that I've had over $2k in a bank account I never use anymore since June.

This. Is the best. Day. Ever.


This means:

1. I dont have to charge any portion of my plane ticket for december to my CC.
2. I'm not entirely poor.


Just wanted to celebrate a bit here. Now I'm off to grocery shop and get ready for vacation Smile What a great week.

Busy as usual

August 18th, 2010 at 06:27 am

Well, I'm busy finishing up a few writing assignments this morning, then need to finish straightening up the apartment before BF's parents get here. Today is the day we get all dressed up and BF gives his presentation for his internship. Fabulous. We'll probably go out afterward for a little while. I'm hoping we dont spend too much.

Haven't really spent a whole lot this week. Picked up a few things at the grocery store-- milk, eggs, etc. The last two nights we spent in, one we practiced (well, I learned he practiced) some German language, then started putting together a puzzle we bought at the store for $2.50. Last night we watched a movie we got through Netflix.

Tomorrow we leave for vacation, and I am totally stoked. But I'm also a bit rushed to get all of these articles done. I have one more for the first assignment, so that will be done in the next hour. The next assignment is two shorter articles, which should be relatively easy to write. That frees up the remainder of my assignments for after vacation (as some of them will be written about Amish Country).

I'm happy with the low level of spending, and hopefully this three day hiatus wont send me overboard or anything. I have high expectations for my frugality, but I also want to enjoy myself and relax. It's going to be a good time.

So... I'm back to work. These articles aren't going to write themselves! ha...

Back to work! Well, writing anyway :)

August 17th, 2010 at 08:31 am

My summer job has ended, yes. I am, however, not without things to do! It seems my writing has picked up incredibly quickly. I have a nice number of assignments to finish today. It's right back to business as usual over here Smile

I do have a shorter timeframe, as I have a presentation to go to tomorrow that BF is giving. His internship project got picked for public review, so that's incredibly exciting. His parents are coming over as well, so we need to clean the apt today as well.

Thursday I leave for vacation, and I'm gone til Sunday. Nothing crazy, just a few days of relaxation. I'm super excited for it, though. I certainly could use it.

Alrighty, enough of this blabber then, time to get to work!

And the job is... done. Woo!

August 15th, 2010 at 05:12 pm

So... my summer job has ended and it is in fact time to get down to business. My finances have suffered over the last few months. Haven't had any time to write, and didn't make nearly enough money. Now that I'm free to do some writing, however, I feel the tides turning. I've already picked up a few assignments, and I'm ready to start making some cash.

This is incredibly fortunate, considering I'm quite broke and have a LOT to pay for at the moment. Ordered my books today-- using Chegg.com, a book rental place. It about cut my costs in half, which is awesome. I'm sad, obviously, that I wont be able to keep any of them, but when I think of how many times I've actually opened one of my old textbooks I realize it's more important for me to save the money now. I usually dont make more than half of what I buy them for when I sell them anyway.

I also have a small vacation this week Big Grin Much needed... just a few days at a small Bed and Breakfast in Amish Country. We'll be chilling in the room (read: jacuzzi), doing some horseback riding, hiking, wine tasting, and a whole lot of eating. Very happy about it. Class starts next week.

Classes are all paid for.


That's right, all went off without a hitch. My balance at the university is a big fat ZERO. Actually, I got quite a bit of grant money from the government, so I should also be receiving more money in the mail. Glory day, it's a miracle.

Still no bonus money Frown Working on it...

I'm pretty much not spending any money outside of vacation for the rest of the month. I'm incredibly broke, especially considering I'll be buying my plane ticket to Micronesia in the next few weeks. I'll have to charge some of it, and pay back when I get some of this money the military owes me. Let's hope it's soon.

All moved in to the new place. Everything is set, my projects are all for the most part finished. Pictures to come soon.

Things with BF are great, fantastic compared to the challenges we met this summer. I'm quite happy with things at the moment.

Alright, that's enough for now. I'll be updating MUCH more frequently from now on Smile Later, kids!