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Goodbye grandpa, and goodbye wisdom teeth...

March 24th, 2007 at 09:35 am

Once again it seems that I have fallen off the face of the planet. March has been a busy and stressful month. I was hoping that spring break would be relaxing at home... working nonchalantly on papers and such. But then my grandfather died. Before the "I'm sorry's" roll in, he was a wonderful man and struggled for a LONG time, so quite honestly, I was relieved to see him go. Everyone took it fairly well, and we had a nice get together after the service that put a happier end to it all. I'm a person that believes our loved ones should not be mourned, rather celebrated for the wonderful people they are.

So after that school started back up and I had the remainder of my midterms. I'm happy to say that my scores, as I know thus are: 93%, 100%, and 106%. I'm waiting on the score of my final midterm now. I have no worries that it will be anything horrible, though Smile I'm quite pleased with my scores!

For more happy news, me and BF (specifically ME) were approved to move into the new apartment. My credit miraculously came through for me, and the apartment is solely in my name! I suppose that's exciting from the standpoint that I've had nothing substantial to improve my credit thus far. We sign the lease tuesday and get the keys. We'll be moving for the better part of next week... despite the fact that we haven't started packing yet. Urgh.

As of right now I'm in Ohio at my parents'. I got my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, and I woke up feeling like a truck hit me in the face. Luckily all I've had to take are over the counter painkillers. Haven't felt the need to dive into the narcotics prescribed to me by my oral surgeon. I'm also proud of myself for doing semi-okay before the procedure. I did tell the nurse, however, when she called me in that my mother was indeed my representative and would be going in my stead. It wasn't really the procedure itself, but the IV that they had to hook me up to that bothered me. I dont do well with needles. At all. I was numb all yesterday, but my mom has been great at taking care of me, and I feel rather okay today. I've been on the computer all morning, and though I cant eat a whole lot (I was eating the same cup of yogurt for 3 hours and still didn't finish it), my grandma is bringing me homemade broccoli cheese soup! Mmm. Mom bought me my favorite Coffee Haagendasz icecream too! (thank goodness icecream is a soft food).

Financially, thing have gone rather haywire. We've still been eating out a bunch, and I've decided to wait until after the move to do any amount of grocery shopping. It just makes sense. We're not really at home to cook. BF did just buy me a promise ring Smile That was nice. I offered to buy him one, but he opted for a new iPod. I guess we both spent about the same amount considering I owed him some money for utilities last month. But this oral surgery cost me a nice chunk... $400 downpayment. I'm still not sure how much of it my insurance is going to cover. Let's cross our fingers! I guess I'm lucky, then, that the complex we're moving into is running a special... first month free if you sign a 13 month lease. oooo yeah. We jumped on that one. Not to mention, we should be getting our safety deposit back from the apartment we're living in now. So there will be some funds freed up (thankfully! I've taken so much time off this month for funerals and surgery... not good).

So that's the rather long update. I guess pain and excitement and stress all balled up into one big puffy me right now. I've got a paper to write before class on wednesday, and I'm hoping to find the motivation soon. I'm just feeling so icky. At any rate, I better get going!

Quite the hiatus!

March 5th, 2007 at 10:13 am

So I've been EXTREMELY busy for the last few weeks. It seems February swept by so fast! Midterms have (sort of) passed, and now I'm on spring break. Though that may seem glamorous, it's not really anything special here. I'm still working this week and working on projects that I now have time for. Ha! And pleasure reading... I'm loving that though Smile I've spent a good amount of money over the last few weeks as well. I haven't grocery shopped once, which I guess is a good thing except I've dined out much more than I should have because of it.

We have next to no food in my apartment right now. haha. We're slowly working to bare nothing, but it's been a long haul. Our stocks are being consumed at the moment. Read: Ramen. And I forgot that BF's gram bought us a big pack of Boca Burgers from Sam's Club the last time we went. So now I'm working on those. We still have the stuff to make stir fry at least 4 more times. So we're not starving, we just have next to nothing in the way of variety.

At any rate, I need to get going. I have a project to get working on. Later everyone!