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Productive Week!

March 30th, 2010 at 06:26 am

It's only tuesday, and it's already a productive week Big Grin I love it! Wrote a few articles yesterday. I also conducted a couple interviews via phone for an article I'll be writing here in the next few days. This freelancing gig is treating me relatively well these days. Let's hope it keeps up!

Published a few articles within the last couple days:

Text is Inexpensive Ways to Spend Time with Your Kids and Link is http://bit.ly/aWcfBS
Inexpensive Ways to Spend Time with Your Kids
Text is Guide to Cleaning Grout: Make your life less stressful and Link is http://bit.ly/d6lqGR
Guide to Cleaning Grout: Make your life less stressful
Text is Daily Haiku: An Ode to the Writer and Link is http://bit.ly/arrv2E
Daily Haiku: An Ode to the Writer

I also put together the budget for April, and I'm well on the way to a good month, I think. I have good feelings about it...

It's certainly going to be an even busier week than it already has been, with all the writing on my plate, school stuff, and a holiday weekend (not only Easter, but my roomie's cousin from England coming to town-- it's going to be a regular drinkfest).

I'm trying to keep the spending down this week considering what a pricey weekend it was. I think I'll be able to manage, however. It seems I tend to get into the bit spending when it comes to restaurants... go figure Smile

Well, it's back to work for me. I hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday!

March Recap

March 28th, 2010 at 02:31 pm

Alrighty. Well, my "April" started today, so I figured I would do the breakdown of the month... as I said in previous posts, I went to Columbus this weekend. I ended up having a wonderful time, though I spent a bit more money than I had anticipated. Regardless, I have no regrets... my March was pretty excellent financially. Here is the breakdown:

March Goals:

[ ] Stay under budget
[x] Dont spend any money on clothes
[x] Pay off laptop 3/1
[x] Pay off tuition
[x] Don't use CC at all
[x] Write at least 12 articles this month
[ ] $50 max spending w/ BF per week
[x] Keep track of finances all month
[x] Put at least $500 in savings

March Budget:

As you can see, I was $34.79 over budget. What you don't see here, however, is that I put $764.77 into my savings account this month Big Grin So I really cant beat myself up too bad...

I made $50 more this month than I thought I would writing, so that's excellent. I'm hoping it to be even higher in these coming months.

In bad news, my hours got cut at work. The good news is, however, that I'll still be making about the same as I had anticipated, due to cutting my hours back for army training starting the 18th. So my budget is more or less unaffected for the next 2 months. I may start looking for another job once I get a car this summer, however.

Other than all that, there really is nothing new. Just busy with writing and getting everything set for later this month. It seems through networking and a bit of internet research that I'm getting some really great leads for freelancing. All very exciting stuff. I hope everyone had an equally wonderful weekend! Take care everyone!


March 26th, 2010 at 09:02 am

Here it is! The weekend is upon us! Very exciting, as I have quite a bit planned. Tonight going swimming at the rec with the BF. We're staying the night at his place, and driving to Columbus tomorrow afternoon to go see the Crew game (woo!). Hopefully the weather will be nicer there than it is here... snow?? Bleh...

I published a couple more on AC:

Text is Daily Haiku Poem: Ohio Spring and Link is http://bit.ly/90KqzS
Daily Haiku Poem: Ohio Spring
Text is Games that Strengthen Mental Acuity and Link is http://bit.ly/dzFfut
Games that Strengthen Mental Acuity

Got another lead for a freelance job... so that's again good news Smile I'm calling him today.

Other than that, no real news. Just a packed schedule! I did put more $ into my savings account yesterday-- more revenue from writing. I'm now up to $74 in articles this month, and $796.77 in my savings! I feel I'm making excellent progress Big Grin

Mom got into quite a predicament changing jobs, and now has none... so that sucks, and I'm sure will be a big stress on her. I'm hoping things will pan out and I'm keeping an eye out for her. Said she has an interview tuesday, so I'm crossing my fingers.

Not sure what I'm going to do as far as the budget goes this week... it's one of those funky months where the last week half falls in the next month. So I'm not sure if I'm going to just stick it out through the 31st, or if I'm just going to start April's budget this week. I have about $2 left in the grocery budget, so there's no way I would stick to it this way.

At any rate, I hope everyone has a wonderful day and weekend Big Grin

Writing and Exercise... and closer to goals!

March 25th, 2010 at 08:12 am

Well, thinks are coming along just nicely. It's been a terribly busy week, but very productive nonetheless. Thanks to some great networking I've done, I've found a couple other places to submit my work (better paying too) and all sorts of great stuff Smile

Articles Published today:

Text is Top 5 Family Movies that Send Good Messages to Our Kids and Link is http://bit.ly/bkDphV
Top 5 Family Movies that Send Good Messages to Our Kids
Text is Daily Haiku Poem: Colorblind and Link is http://bit.ly/bt5mFf
Daily Haiku Poem: Colorblind

As soon as I get paid for my last 2 articles, I'm going to transfer that money from my paypal into my savings account. I love progress Big Grin

I'm very much looking forward to this weekend... taking a trip to Columbus to see the opening Crew game. I'm really hoping that the weather isn't too crappy. I want to get some nice photos and not sit in rain. bleh.

Hit the rec yesterday with a friend, and worked out: 10 min on the elliptical machine (which usually doesn't kick my butt so hard), and ran a mile on the track outside. I definitely need to get in shape... lol

Regardless, time to get back to work! Hope you all have a great day.

Great News :)

March 24th, 2010 at 10:07 am

Well, all sorts of news abounds in the Freelance writing world! I managed to network with another freelancer in my area, and she gave me some insight to other places to publish and find work. I found one gig that pays significantly more, and is more of a one time thing Smile It seems this can be even more lucrative than it already is!

So next month I'll dabble even more into this whole freelance writing gig. I did publish a couple articles on AC today:

Text is Daily Haiku Poem: Ping Pong and Link is http://bit.ly/bxl4M6
Daily Haiku Poem: Ping Pong
Text is Top 10 Songs by Radiohead and Link is http://bit.ly/b0FiXZ
Top 10 Songs by Radiohead

Things are coming along nicely! Other than working, writing, and all that jazz, I'm hitting up the Rec with a friend of mine after work today, which will be a good time and get me some exercise in for the day Big Grin

Packed lunch for BF and myself today, so I wont be spending any money on that. Yay for cheap!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and enjoying the sunshine if they have it (we do-- so exciting)! Later guys!

Being more active means more sore! :)

March 23rd, 2010 at 09:09 am

So yesterday I managed to hit a yoga class AND swim laps at the pool after work-- which was much harder than expected. Who knew swimming laps would be so much harder than floating around the lazy river? Big Grin

Consequently, I'm feeling pretty sore today! It's a good feeling... makes me feel like I actually did something. lol.

Today has been pretty ho-hum. Woke up entirely too early to get my day started. Wrote an article and submitted. By the time I finished, it was about time to work! So that's what I've been doing!

Only published a couple articles as of yesterday:

Text is Daily Haiku Poem: Love in Spring and Link is http://bit.ly/9kE3SL
Daily Haiku Poem: Love in Spring
Text is How to find a tree service you can trust and Link is http://bit.ly/cB6Pvo
How to find a tree service you can trust

Hopefully I'll publish a couple more in the next few days Smile

I did get an offer to submit a much higher value article... about Cleveland. I wish I had a bit more experience with the city (I'm in Akron), but I'm certainly willing to take a trip up there to do some research! The article is $50... which is much higher than my usual $2-4. lol. We'll see if I have time...

It's such a nice feeling... every time I publish an article I get a bit closer to my goals. I do so love achieving those goals!

Alrighty, back to work. Hope everyone has a great day!

Internet being poop today :(

March 22nd, 2010 at 11:43 am

I work on the internet-- mostly through social networking sites, and my internet has been running like crap. Consequently, most of the work I did today is for naught. So frustrating!

In other news, I published a couple more articles today... so things are moving along nicely.

Text is Daily Haiku: Spring Break is Over and Link is http://bit.ly/9UC0II
Daily Haiku: Spring Break is Over
Text is Neverland (also a poem) and Link is http://bit.ly/crb2GB
Neverland (also a poem)
Text is Conversion and Other Somatoform Disorders and Link is http://bit.ly/arzR99
Conversion and Other Somatoform Disorders

In other news, I was getting frustrated about this army training next month due to transportation, and having to pay everything out of pocket to begin with (I would be reimbursed, but still). BF mentioned a really awesome option: buying a bike while I'm out there to use for transportation. Not only would it be far less expensive than renting a car for a month, but I'm thinking the army may pay for it. Mind you, I mean a bicycle, not motorcycle. lol.

I love riding. A lot. And the idea of getting to ride around on bike trails in AZ and use it as my main form of transportation is really exciting. Hell, I'll ship it back to Ohio in the end... I've wanted a new one anyway Smile

So that's certainly an exciting prospect.

Going to the rec after work on campus today. Going to swim some laps... I really need to get in shape. Then class. Joy of joys, so much to do til the end of the semester!

Speaking of which, I better get back to work Smile Hope everyone has a great night!

Army Weekend Over.... Back to the Grind.

March 21st, 2010 at 03:37 pm

Well, I'm done playing army for the weekend! Whew! Now back to the grind. Got a bit of homework done, but there is much more to go... it's going to be a long night, and an even longer week.

In good news, however, I hit $50 income in article writing for the month Big Grin And still more yet to come... very exciting! Here are the 2 articles that put me over the top:

Text is Hook, Line, and Drinkers: Excellent Bar and Restaurant in Akron, Ohio and Link is http://bit.ly/9iBQQm
Hook, Line, and Drinkers: Excellent Bar and Restaurant in Ak...
Text is Welcome to the Music Industry- A beginners Guide to Independent Music Promotion and Link is http://bit.ly/b54g5p
Welcome to the Music Industry- A beginners Guide to Independ...

I went grocery shopping, and I'm still under budget for the month. I only spent $23.51- because I have so much left over from last week. I basically bought stuff for lunches over the week. And stuff for dinner last night. Very nice.

Hopefully we'll keep up the low-spending trend. If I do through this week, I will be under budget for the first time really EVER. lol. Crossing my fingers...

Hope everyone had a good weekend, and has an equally good week! Later, all Smile

It's Friday!! Closer to reaching those goals ;)

March 19th, 2010 at 08:23 am

Well, it is yet again another beautiful day... and it's FRIDAY-- which happens to be the topic of today's daily haiku:

Text is Friday Haiku and Link is http://bit.ly/9arNYL
Friday Haiku

Today is also payday, so I did a little money managing... namely to put another $100 in my savings account. That makes $756.43 total, and only $443.60 to go to make my goal of $1200! This is going to be used to pay first month's rent/safety deposit when I move out either June or July. I cant believe I'm so close already! I absolutely love reaching goals.

This weekend is drill, so I will likely not be spending too much money... though it's my roomie's b-day today, so I'll be going out to dinner with friends tonight. Sushi... Mmmm...

Regardless, I cant believe spring break is almost over Frown I feel like I got a lot accomplished as far as writing goes, but not nearly enough school work done... ah well. That just means I have to work harder over the next month.

Here are some articles I published yesterday. Hope you enjoy Smile

Text is Gender Roles in Disney's New Alice in Wonderland and Link is http://bit.ly/91Tb4f
Gender Roles in Disney's New Alice in Wonderland
Text is Is Music Mastering Important? and Link is http://bit.ly/b7fO4D
Is Music Mastering Important?

I've been funneling the revenue I recieve from my articles right into that savings account, so reading is for a good cause Big Grin lol. I dont really make much on page views, as I dont get nearly enough to make anything substantial. But I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read anything I post. You guys are great!

Hope everyone has a great day!

Writing, and enjoying the warm weather!

March 18th, 2010 at 07:22 am

Well, it's another gorgeous day here in Ohio, and I'm getting a whole lot done! A bunch of writing... published a few more articles yesterday-- and I'm one article away from hitting $40 for the month! That's double what I budgeted for. Very exciting! Smile Here are a few of the articles posted yesterday:

Text is Building Relationships by Managing Money as a Couple and Link is http://bit.ly/cHxwf3
Building Relationships by Managing Money as a Couple
Text is Tips and Advice for Paying off Student Loans while still in College and Link is http://bit.ly/d3i3Iv
Tips and Advice for Paying off Student Loans while still in ...
Text is The International Baccalaureate Program: Is it worth it? and Link is http://bit.ly/cIbNTf
The International Baccalaureate Program: Is it worth it?

And today's daily haiku is about ZOMBIES Smile lol.

Text is Zombie Haiku and Link is http://bit.ly/9u9KjE
Zombie Haiku

Today it's lookin like BF and I are going to be going for a hike. We've been taking the soccer ball to the park for the last 2 days, as it's been incredibly warm. Gotta love those *free* activities!

Hope everyone is having as good a week as I am!

Happy St. Patty's Day! And Groceries...

March 17th, 2010 at 08:34 am

Not sure the 2 are related, but ya know Smile lol. It is indeed St. Patrick's day. What are my plans? Nada. Going to the park to kick around a soccer ball with BF after work (it's absolutely gorgeous outside). We're also going to the Rec center on campus. And very likely making dinner at my house. Because I spent quite a bit on groceries yesterday... $46.72, which I guess isn't terrible, though I got a few unecessaries (a bag of reese's cups and Starbucks Java Chip icecream. Mmm). This is why you should never go grocery shopping hungry! lol.

Regardless, working and writing today. I did my daily Haiku poem on St. Patty's Day Smile Take a look if you'd like!

Text is Happy St. Patrick's Day and Link is http://bit.ly/aQ8tI3
Happy St. Patrick's Day

Everyone be safe and have fun!

Writing and Achieving goals.

March 16th, 2010 at 10:08 am

So I'm plugging away at my goals. Wrote my 12th article this month yesterday Smile I'm trying to surpass it by quite a bit. Published a few new articles within the last couple days:

Text is Teen Love: Giving Healthy Relationship Advice to your Children and Link is http://bit.ly/cIAdp2
Teen Love: Giving Healthy Relationship Advice to your Childr...
Text is Best Bikini Swimsuits for 2010 and Link is http://bit.ly/cDg7ZI
Best Bikini Swimsuits for 2010
Text is New Super Mario Bros. Wii: In the Bubble and Out of the Time Warp and Link is http://bit.ly/bjCeVf
New Super Mario Bros. Wii: In the Bubble and Out of the Time...

And my daily haiku for tuesday Smile

Text is Haiku: Inspiration and Link is http://bit.ly/9VTA8h
Haiku: Inspiration

Other than that, I'm just enjoying a rather inexpensive spring break. I spent a lot of time last night writing-- working towards those goals of mine. I'm trying to funnel all of the income I get from writing into my savings account... which put me up another $16 yesterday. I'm hoping make a bit more before the close of the month.

That's about it! I'm going grocery shopping either tonight or tomorrow (likely tomorrow). Tonight there's a free yoga class I'm going to drag BF to. That should be a lot of fun Smile

Either way, I hope you all have a great day and I'll post again soon!

Mondays :)

March 15th, 2010 at 07:55 am

I know, I'm the only one that likes mondays. I love the idea of a fresh start... and I've got some lofty goals for this week.

I wrote my daily haiku poem about mondays, actually. If you want, you can read it

Text is here and Link is http://bit.ly/aJs9rn

Financially, just trying to keep up with these articles, and promotion of them. I'm 2 articles away from my goal for the month. But it's looking like I'm going to surpass my goal and then some Smile

I'm going to the rec center on campus after work. That's a free activity, and great for me Smile I'm also going with a friend, so it's a social activity as well.

Sometime within the next couple days I have to hit the grocery store, though I have some stuff left over from last week, so it shouldn't be too hard a hit on the wallet.

That's about it for today. Things are going well. I hope that's the case for all of you as well Smile

Weekend Recap :)

March 14th, 2010 at 08:37 pm

So the weekend was a bit spendy, but I think it could have been much worse.

BF and I had a date night friday, which was incredibly well worth the money. We did dinner and a movie, and it's been about a month since we went anywhere to get dinner (except fast food here and there). Saw the new Alice movie, and it was alright.

The remainder of the weekend we didn't do too bad. Went to lunch with friends that were visiting from out of town. Had to pick up my prescription, but thankfully I get it discounted, so it's only $36 for 3 months. Woo!

Cooked dinner at home saturday night, and it was just delicious... at our local grocery store, I can buy 4 frozen tilapia fillets for about $3. I marinated them in this hawaiian luau marinade... and used a bit of pineapple juice and coconut milk instead of the oil and vinegar it calls for. Broiled the fish (my new favorite cooking method). Then I made a sort of relish or salsa... whatever you want to call it. lol. It was basically diced mango, pineapple (canned), black beans (canned), corn (canned), and sauteed diced onion. Added a bit of salt and pepper and it was fantastic. All that with a side of sauteed asparagus with garlic... Mmm. Not too pricey either, and I like that most of the ingredients are either canned or frozen-- not because of the salt, obviously, but because I dont have to fear all of it going bad.

It's spring break, and I'm going to make a conscious effort not to spend too much. Thankfully, I have PLENTY of homework to keep me busy, and work. I've also got drill this coming weekend, so I'm sure that'll help.

Other than that, just published a couple more articles:

Text is A Review: Dockside Sea Grille in West Palm Beach and Link is http://bit.ly/cbSuxK
A Review: Dockside Sea Grille in West Palm Beach

And a couple poems:

Text is About Love: A Haiku and Link is http://bit.ly/a1Gd7z
About Love: A Haiku
Text is Spring: A Haiku and Link is http://bit.ly/brtF36
Spring: A Haiku
Text is Post-Modern Joe and Link is http://bit.ly/ajSll8
Post-Modern Joe

Hope everyone has a great week!