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November has come to an end...

November 28th, 2006 at 07:41 pm

... and it was okay. I say okay because there was a good deal of unplanned spending, and a little excessivity in a few areas. Groceries kind of creeped up on me in the end because of this reformation in my eating habits. But next month shouldn't be too horrible in the way of things like clothes. It's just all that xmas shopping! Erg. At any rate, I'm hopeful in the face of December. Let's see how it goes... Smile

Busy and productive day!

November 27th, 2006 at 09:55 am

Got home from class today and started cleaning... got the laundry going, loaded the dishwasher. These things were desparately needed. A bunch of dirty clothes needed unpacked from the weekend, and we entertained a bit last night, so there were glasses everywhere. Wish I would have tidied up pre-entertainment, but eh. I'm a college kid, my apartment isn't supposed to be spotless. At any rate, made my bank run after class, and ran to the store to pick up a few things I needed.

I'm back on track as far as the healthy eating goes. I was gonna hop back on the bandwagon yesterday, but my boss and coworker invited me to go to lunch with them... thai food. Sooooo good, but coconut milk and corn fritters are certainly not the healthiest of choices. Pizza for dinner. erg. At any rate, I'm going to the gym today with BF to catch up on some working out... Hopefully I'll make a couple more trips this week. I guess starting this "diet and exercise plan" wasn't the smartest of ideas right before a holiday weekend Smile

Financially, my month ends tomorrow, which means I've got some calculating to do! I know this weekend threw a monkeywrench into my spendings, but hey, a girl's gotta live! I know I didn't do half as bad as I did last time I went home, but I also have eaten at nice restaurants twice in the last week. Anyhoo, better get back to cleaning!

Home sweet home

November 26th, 2006 at 09:09 am

So I'm really not sure what the day has in store for me, but I do plan on starting the laundry and keeping to my healthy eating plan. I dont have any leftovers to taunt me, so it wont be too difficult (except for the delicious dark chocolate bars in the freezer, but those can be snacks in very small quantities).

My coworker wanted to hang out at some point today, but we'll see. I'd like to cook today, so I'll probably do some of that though I need to go to the store again, because my milk decided to go bad while I was away. I just bought it a few days ago! erg... I'd really like to have her and my boss over for a post-thanksgiving dinner. Healthier alternatives, though, of course. Eh. It's possible I'll just hang out around the apartment.

Aaaanyhoo. Better get started on SOMETHING. I feel the day slipping away...

Back home *sigh*

November 25th, 2006 at 10:03 pm

So after a couple of days back at home in Ohio, I'm here again. I had to work tonight, so I got in about 5 pm. BF drove me, then drove the 2 hours back... I cant believe the boy can stand to do all that driving. He is a driving enthusiast, though.

Speaking of which... we're thinking about leasing a car. We went and test-drove a couple things over the weekend, and though it is incredibly frivilous and such, I'm pretty sure he's dead set on getting a Beamer. That's what he drove before, that's most likely what he'll drive this time. The one we took for a spin was REALLY nice, and I wouldn't mind driving it myself... though I have to learn stick (can you imagine, I used to change oil and I cant even drive a manual!). At any rate, I told him I would be willing to contribute $200 a month to the cause. Obviously if it was less I'd be a bit happier, but I want him to be happy, and cars are quite a big deal with him. Personally, I just dont want to have to struggle to find rides back home or carry pounds and pounds of groceries home from the grocery store in 10 below plus windchill weather. Anyhoo!

I had a great weekend. We had a busy time, of course. Relatives, relatives. Both families. Then friends and more food and many alcoholic beverages. I'm pooped. A coworker wanted to hang out tonight, but I have a date with my bed. I make okay money tonight, but I'm absolutely exhausted. BF is still out of town. He'll be back tomorrow.

As for finances... I spent a bit, as expected. I did unintentionally break the budget, but eh. It's money. I'm just happy I had a good time with the people I care about. Same goes for the eating healthy portion of this all. I blew the diet like it was my job this weekend. I had the best of intentions, but ya know... there's a trip to the gym in store for monday. It's a shame it's closed on sundays...

Regardless, I'm gonna get going with that sleep and such. Talk to you all later!

So tired...

November 21st, 2006 at 08:53 pm

Alright, so I didn't end up going to the gym... or doing a whole lot of anything for that matter. Eh. It's cool. I probably wont go to the gym until monday. Ah well. No use beating myself up for it. I'm just so tired! I guess all that working out wasn't the greatest to "ease" my way into the habit again Smile

On the financial front, it was a no-spend day. Yay! And I managed to do very well at work, which is always a good thing. It was definitely a busy night to say the least.

I'm very anxiously awaiting tomorrow night. I cant wait to see my friend! And my family! Yay! My buddy is driving out to where I am to eat dinner in my restaurant, and I'll be getting some food there as well before we leave. That will be a few dollars no doubt, but with my 25% discount not too bad... Perhaps a drink with him before we leave, but back home we go. The weekend shouldn't be too expensive. Considering everyone is cooking for me... my grandparents, BF's grandparents, my bestest friend is cooking on friday night. The only thing she asked me to bring is a bottle of wine, and honestly, my mama may be willing to donate one anyway Smile The diet will be blown on good red wine this weekend, I believe. Actually, I think alcohol will be the prime budget buster this weekend. heh. Thus is the story of trips back home...

At any rate, I need to eat a snack and do some packing. I leave straight from work tomorrow. So if I dont get to check in tomorrow, you all have a wonderful weekend! (chances are I'll find a way to make a post though hehe.)

Day 2 and still going strong...

November 21st, 2006 at 08:41 am

Well, I intend this to be a no-spend day, thankfully considering all the spending I did yesterday!

I just ate my breakfast- yes, this late because I was silly enough to stay up and watch a movie after work. I hate sleeping in this late. grr. At any rate, I'm contemplating whether I want to hit the gym today. My feet are still pretty sore from yesterday. Between all the time I spent at the gym, then working the night shift, they could use a break. However, I really need to get into the habit, and this may be the last time I'm able to go this week, with the holiday and all. And with the holiday, I REALLY need to go. hehe. Okay, so that settles it. I just have to get the timing down now. I slept in way too long. By the time it's lunch time, I wont be hungry yet. Oh well, I'll clean the kitchen (even though it's BF's turn... grr), have a snack, hit the gym, have lunch, then a snack before work. I'm just hoping I dont get too hungry while I'm at work! That can prove to be counterproductive Smile

And I think I'm gonna go a little easier at the gym Smile as Baselle said, "Wow. That's a lot of cardio." Tru dat :P

Doing great today, but my wallet is crying...

November 20th, 2006 at 01:01 pm

So I went to the grocery store. Ouch. I forgot how expensive healthy eating is. I thought my debit card was going to instantly burst into flames. $80. The total allowed budget for groceries, doubled this month... I'm sure I'll be able to make this stuff last for a little while though, at least I hope Frown On the exercise front, I'm doing tremendously. Aside from lugging all of those groceries home- literally, because I have to walk to the grocery store- I hit the gym for the first time in 3 months. 40 minutes on the treadmill and 30 on the elliptical machine. Not to mention, it's a half hour walk each way to the gym itself. At any rate, I'm feeling good about this. Speaking of which, I'm gonna have to start making my dinner soon. I've got work at 5:30...

Breakfast: Instant oatmeal with a tsp of brown sugar.

Lunch: Sandwich: whole wheat bread, a thick slice of fresh mozzarella, 3 slices of tomato, and basil leaves. Spinach leaf salad w/tomato, 1 tsp of olive oil and a dash of balsamic vinegar, 1 kiwi.

Snack: 1 banana (yum!)

Dinner tonight: Cubed chicken sauteed in olive oil, garlic, and onion, veggies with brown rice. Spinach salad w/ carrots. Skim milk.

Snack at work: String cheese, baby carrots.

Eating good vs. spending less

November 20th, 2006 at 06:23 am

I'm afraid eating healthy is going to have to win this one. I took a look in the mirror the other day after putting on a pair of pants that are quite a bit too snug... got the "sausage" effect my mother so loves to remind herself of (ugh). But besides the fact that I've gained a little extra padding, I'm a bit uncomfortable with it, and my sedentary lifestyle is by no means healthy. The only excercise I get is at work, which dont get me wrong, can be a workout some times. The term "exercise" hasn't graced my vocabulary, however, since before the start of the semester.

As for food, I've been eating whatever, and as much as I want. Now, people tell me I'm young, and yes I know that, but my metabolism has slowed down a great deal in the last couple of years, and I'm struggling with it. I've always eaten a lot. Since I started eating I've eaten a lot, and up til the point where I graduated high school, I was incredibly thin as well. Not anorexically thin, but a nice athletic build. Thunder thighs or none, I looked good. Now, the idea of kicking a 20 year long eating habit, ha! I need a little help there.

I signed up for the self.com reach your goal plan for a few reasons. A) It's a place online to input all workouts and meals I do/consume. B) It's got meal plans all set up for me that I can loosely work with. C) I find it fun that I can follow a set of rules, and it keeps me from straying from them. D) The recipes they give you look really good, and I love to cook.

Now, I'm not going on the food exactly because it will, in fact, break my budget. However, I will be going to the store today to purchase some healthier alternatives to the crap I'm eating right now, and I'll also be heading off to the gym today for the first time in 3 months.

It always kills me that it takes about 3 months of constant exercise and eating well to lose the same number of pounds it takes you 1 to gain. Ugh. At any rate, I'm going to enjoy my shopping trip and my trip to the gym. I've got the week off, so I'll have some time to hit the gym, and next semester I've got no early early classes, allowing me plenty of time to keep up the good work come the spring semester. Later guys!

Hungover much?

November 19th, 2006 at 02:51 pm

hehe. Just a tad, anyway. Coworkers buying me drinks after work is a dangerous business. At any rate, it's my day off anyhow, and we had a good time. Slept half the day away, though, and I always feel guilty about that, like I've wasted time. Oh well!

Yesterday's spending at Burlington was great. I ended up spending about $56, but for all the stuff I got, it was pretty good, and everything was greatly needed. I bought:
1 work shirt from the little boy's dept (hehe)
2 ties, both incredibly cute
1 winter hat, greatly needed
1 pair of gloves, desparately needed
1 sweater, also needed... I dont have a whole lot of "winterwear" for some reason.

Really, I made out like a bandit. BF found a suit he liked, which is miraculous. He's a really small guy and it's hard for him to find suitjackets that fit him right. We also picked out some nice dresshirts and ties. Fun! We did end up eating out... wendy's. I always forget how cheap it is to eat fast food. I dont eat it but maybe once a month. I do enjoy it a lot that once a month, though. Smile Mmm. Junior Bacon Cheeseburger... for only a dollar! It's amazing.

Last night I did buy 2 of my own overpriced drinks where I work, total of $10, and then I paid for me, BF, and my coworker to eat at the 24 hour place circa 4am. It ended up being about 15 for the 3 of us. Not bad... My coworker paid for the cab up the mountain, so it was definitely cool. At any rate, today is a no-spend day. I'm relaxing. I've got no school this week because of thanksgiving, but I wont be going back home until wednesday night. I cant wait to see everyone!

So I've went over the budget in the clothes area becauuse of yesterday, but no remorse. They were all practical and cheap things. No frivilously expensive mall clothes... though I've been tempted. The good news, though, is that I've managed to not go to the grocery store for a long time! ha! I think I'm gonna need to take a small trip at some point, but perhaps not. We really need milk, but that's about it. My boss brought up an excellent point to me the other day: why dont I spice up my ramen? Honestly, the thought had never really occured to me to eat it any way other than plain with a flavor packet in it. haha. But today I experimented with putting veggies in it. Tasty! I'm thoroughly pleased. Found a site dedicated to ramen and recipes including it. I'll have to try a couple of them because we have so much ramen! And frozen veggies are pretty cheap and healthy (though ramen isn't really healthy).

Speaking of healthy, I really need to get to the gym again now that I have time. I think I've gained a good 5 pounds since the beginning of the semester. I'm not positive of that, but my sides have definitely experienced an increase of plushiness, as well as my hips and thighs. grr. Luckily my schedule will allow me to get on a decent excercise plan next semester, but for now I'll have a lot of time off anyway.

At any rate, that's enough rambling for today!

ME!!! And my plans for the day...

November 18th, 2006 at 08:39 am

Alrighty. so I decided that I wanted to post a picture of myself... Just because (perhaps it will start a new epidemic among savingadvice users??), but mostly because I like putting a name to a face. I'm sure many of you are the same way...

This isn't a current picture, my hair is much different now...

My hair pretty much looks like this, but I'm wearing stage makeup in this pic and it makes me look MUCH older than I am...

Aside from all that hoo-hah. Going to Burlington today. I need to pick up a new tie for work, as well as get a pair of gloves and look for new work shirts.

As for the saving/paying off loan deal, I've been doing a lot of thinking. I'm in debt, yes. And I'll be further in debt ever semester, and the minimal amount I can pay on those loans now will not make that big of a difference in the end. So what I've decided to do is pay off the interest, and then put all other extra funds into the savings account. I'll worry about paying those large sums when I have the job to do so. At any rate, I better get going. I've got to run errands before work. Later guys!

Not too exciting day.

November 17th, 2006 at 10:04 pm

I usually have fridays off, but in leu of my city's big festival we were incredibly busy and ended up hosting at work. Not too bad, I made a couple friends, which is pretty cool. Before that, I basically hung around the apartment and did little else. It was a no-spend day. I'm looking forward to wednesday. My best friend is driving to eat at my restaurant 2 hours away, then drive me back to my hometown. It's his birthday, and I'm excited to know that he wants to hang out. eh. I'm really tired and unenthusiastic right now, I should just get off the computer :P