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Gone to the Movies.

April 15th, 2007 at 04:40 pm

So I always forget what a huge ripoff the movie theatre is. BF and I go rarely, for things we REALLY want to see. Otherwise we wait until it comes out on video and either buy it or get it from the library, or watch it at someone else's house. We saw TMNT (both children of the 90's, we couldn't resist), but we went with BF's sister, and it was his grandparent's treat. Today, we went, and even with a student discount we paid $8 a person. THEN, of course, came the popcorn. Usually I dont spring $4 for a SMALL bag of popcorn, but it's like going to a baseball game, you just HAVE to get a hotdog. So I did. But I planned ahead and snuck a bottle of water in my purse... along with trailmix I bought for much cheaper than the candy I would have bought there. So it was no cheap trip, but in the end I still saved money (because I am that adamant about having my popcorn, darn it!).

The other trip we took was to the Exchange, well, to exchange. We traded in a few games my dad gave us that we didn't like too much for a couple that we knew we would like. The Sonic the Hedgehog complete set and Soul Caliber were on that list. Woo! And a couple CD's. I spent no money on that trip. We're eating dinner at home, though I could rightfully say that popcorn and trailmix constitute a meal... I'm so full. Smile

By the way, the movie was good if you like the show. Really, the movie was just like a long episode of the show. It takes a specific kind of person to actually ENJOY Aquateen, though Smile Back to school tomorrow... I have the last half of my exam on Jung. Woo! Tonight I think BF and I are going to do some laundry. And perhaps play some new videogames... woo hoo!

Hit it big with the thrift!

April 14th, 2007 at 09:50 pm

For the last year or two I've somehow forgotten that going to the thrift store is actually really great. I've been paying $50 for a pair of jeans at American Eagle here, or throwing down $70 for a dress at Express. I did, however, read an article in my university's newspaper, and they were talking about the thrift stores in the area, and how it's such a great idea for us college students (who OBVIOUSLY have no money, we spend it all on booze anyhow!) to shop at said places to save on cash. WELL, I did venture with BF to our local Goodwill, and boy did I feel like I hit the jackpot. My bounty:
3 Dresses, all adorable and spring-like, one of which is from Express (go figure!). Each at $4.99.
1 pair of bootcut stretch jeans, Gap. $5.99.
1 Shirt by American Eagle, $4.99
1 bath/beauty set (cucumber eye thingy), $0.99

My grand total was $23.51. Only that little bit for 3 dresses, a pair of jeans, and a shirt. I strongly doubt I'll go shopping ever again without first hitting the thrift store. I'm amazed. Really. BF wasn't able to find anything... that has more to do with the fact that he wears a funky size (he's a pretty small guy). Unfortunately, he's not small enough to fit into these awesome orange pants we found... haha. There were a few things that we both really liked that we just weren't the right size for. But I still feel like I won the lottery in the clothes dept. Especially since I really needed new jeans.

That, unfortunately, was not the only spending done today. We hit applebees and I got my favorite santa fe chicken salad (the half portion, of course). BF got mashed potatoes and a dreamscicle-booze-drink of some sort because he got his wisdom teeth pulled thursday morning. That was $26 total because I decided to try the apple chimicheesecake... bad idea because it was DELICIOUS. Remind me to stop trying new desserts. The ones I love already are bad enough Smile

I've known for a while that dining out is my weakness. I really need to put a cap on it, though. It gets out of control when I dont monitor. I just realized that I blew a ridiculous amount of money at restaurants just in the last week, though. It's kind of a downer :/

Tomorrow me and BF are going to the exchange to trade in some of the Xbox games my dad gave us for ones we'll actually play. Did I mention my dad gave us an Xbox and a good 15 games for it a few weeks back? He bought the Xbox 360 and I guess had no use for it anymore... Cha-Ching! I think that's pretty sweet. We would never have bought one otherwise, but it's cool that we have one now, and didn't have to pay for a thing. Besides, we have the Sims (woot)!

We're also hitting the movie theatre to see the new Aquateen Hungerforce movie (yay!). HOWEVER, I already mentioned to him that we will NOT be eating at a restaurant tomorrow, which he seemed just fine with because he cant eat anything solid anyway... Ah, speaking of wisdom teeth, I guess it was drysockets I had after mine were pulled... which would explain the awful pain I endured for a couple weeks afterward. Yay. BF was researching it online, and the information he found said it's much more likely for women to get drysockets than men, and it's likely that women who are on birthcontrol will get it. Go me. I'm just happy I'm no longer waking up every night at 4 am. I'm also happy I'm no longer taking narcotics to get myself back to sleep when that happens. Ah, the joy that was my wisdom teeth...

I think that's it for tonight.

Oh wait, no. I got my security deposit in the mail from the old apartment. That's exciting! Woo! Now I'm done...

First night alone woo!

April 13th, 2007 at 07:20 am

So last night was the first night I stayed at home alone since the mugging incident. And I'm still alive! haha. I was having serious panic attacks last month... rather unhealthy. I think the fact that we're in a new community helps, and that deadbolt too. That helped. Granted, I did have to put my headphones in and fall asleep to music (I have a habit of listening and getting freaked out by EVERY little noise that goes on in my apartment when I'm alone). And though I was still on edge, I managed to fall asleep fairly well considering. Go me!

Yesterday was nice, staying at home with nothing in particular to do (except that pile of reading for papers that I didn't even care to acknowledge). I enjoyed myself... worked out, painted my nails (and toenails!), watched a movie, worked a little more on the scarf I'm crocheting for my friend who is coming home from studying in Italy next month! I cant wait to see her (and not only because she's bringing me something back)!

Today I work. Actually, I'm currently at work. I had to take the bus becuase BF is out of town. It was actually a rather pleasant experience. I'll have to keep it in mind. But I clock in at 10:30, so I better get going. I double. Let's hope I bring home the bacon! (sorry piggy!)

Is it me or is time just flying by?

April 12th, 2007 at 08:39 am

I cant believe it! There is only a month left in the semester!!! Ahhh!!! Too many papers to write and finals to study for, in my opinion Wink

So I should probably update. It's been a while *blushing*. First thing's first. BF and I are doing wonderfully. We hit some rocks a couple weeks ago (something I would call my own personal existential crisis), but after communicating very effectively and sorting through what it was that we both want, we've become stronger and happier with eachother. After all that was sorted through, I felt comfortable moving into our SECOND APARTMENT together. Woo! Really, BF did all the moving considering I was out of commission. I had my wisdom teeth pulled 5 days before we moved, and I'm not one to take pain in any easy way. I was really out of commission for about a week and a half, missed a week of school and work because of it, and was quite irritated that I had to pay $400 to miss that much class.

The apartment is great though. Previously we were paying $650 + electric (with electric heat), now we pay $650 + gas+ electric, but at the same time, our heat WORKS (a nice plus!) and is far cheaper, not to mention we have a FITNESS CENTER, complete with treadmills and bike machines, and a little outdoor POOL for laying out in the summer reading. I feel much safer living in a complex anyways, and there are all of these sweet little old people. They're the friendliest neighbors I've ever had. AND I've been utilizing the fitness room every other day for the last week. So things are looking up!

I got my fed tax return a while ago, $810 like I said. I wish I could still be excited about it, but the fact of the matter is all of it is gone. $400 to the oral surgeon and $371 on an iPod for BF. He bought me a ring (more of a promise ring than an engagement ring, but it really is quite pretty!) and I bought him an iPod. The 80-gig. He transports files to and from school with it and overfilled his last one with song files, so he had been wanting one for a long while. I really wanted to get it for him, and I haven't bought him anything really expensive the entire time we've been dating, so I just did. And I got to keep his old iPod! Woo! haha.

I'm just kind of sad that all the money I got back is gone. That's a lot of money. And somehow I'm still trying to save for a car. Despite the trips to IKEA to fill our much larger apartment. BF has all these ideas... he wants a new bookcase, he wants a new bedframe, he wants he wants he wants. I want a new bookcase for sure. We have piles of books lying ALL OVER the living room because they have no home. At the same time, he wants to buy 2 $200 chairs (leather, of course) and I not only do not have the money, but dont see them as a neccesity. Same with the bedframe.

I keep reminding him that while yes, that IS a good price for what it is, I still dont have the money for it. I'm tryng to SAVE FOR A CAR. We live further outside the city now, and if he ever wants to stop carting my ass to school and work, he better give up on the furniture Smile Not to say I dont have my own vices (ahem, food), but it's still a bit difficult...

For anyone who was wondering, the biscotti thing has kind of hit a brick wall for the moment. I've just been too busy to bake. Work and school are kicking my butt.

I cant WAIT for the summer. I have so much to look forward to. Like I said, next month is it. Finals, and then I'm free for the summer. But even better, next month is my BIRTHDAY. woo hoo! Tara will finally be 21! I have to say, I haven't been as excited about it as I have been this month. It's just getting so close! And not to say I'll be out every weekend once the magical day arrives, but it will be quite useful on VACATION at the end of June. That's right, road trip across the country! 2 weeks. We're hitting Missouri (BF has a friend there), Arizona (I have a friend there), then the Grand Canyon, and then onto San Diego (our friend moved there a few months back). I'm really excited. I've never been that far away from home, and I've never seen that side of the US. I think there are 3 of us going, so we'll drive in shifts. I'm thinking of packing coolers with food and whatnot for on the way. We'll have a place to crash everywhere we go, so there will be no need to stay in hotels. It works out BEAUTIFULLY. yay!

Aside from vacation, my summer will be spent working, exercising, and reading by the pool Smile Oh, and cooking. When I have the time I will do so much cooking for me and BF... I cant wait!

p.s. Today is a no-spend day!