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Summer Update

July 18th, 2010 at 08:28 pm

Well, I haven't had much time to write... or track my finances. Thus, my spending has been a bit high, but not so much so that I'm kicking myself yet.

This job is MUCH more demanding on my time than anticipated. That being said, my freelancing has gone to about nothing. I managed to write a few articles last week, and I'm hoping to do about the same amount. If I hit $50 for the month, I'll be pretty satisfied with that. Hopefully, however, it'll be a bit more. I can certainly use the money to save up more for this vacation in December...

So I got the keys to the new place on Friday, and the BF and I started moving a few things in this past weekend. This is incredibly exciting, and I'm very much looking forward to making the space mine. I have fantastic plans for redoing my couch, painting the table I have, and doing other fun decorating. The biggest expense will be the slipcover for the couch. I already bought the fabric I plan to use for the pillows. Very fun indeed Smile

We do need to purchase a washer and dryer, as the place has hookups, but no facilities. BF really wanted this apt, so the stipulation was that he had to figure the laundry situation. We're asking around, and scouring craigslist, so hopefully something decent will come up.

Still no car. However, talked to higher-ups at drill this weekend, and they are sending yet another email to whomever about getting my bonus paid. They said if I dont see the money in two weeks to call them and we'll sort it out further. Did get notification that both my Guard scholarship and GI bill are good to go, and my GI reflects the kicker-- which means the Army will be paying me $530/month while I'm in school. Yay Smile Now all I have to do is see about the backpay GI for last semester... they said I would get it, but I've seen nothing as of yet.

I dont have much financial news other than all that. Dont make much at work, especially considering the 17 hour days, but I dont work here for the money, obviously. Being a camp director is an INCREDIBLY stressful job, but highly rewarding-- particularly when working with these kids. Special needs covers such a range, and it's a beautiful thing to see these children having the opportunity to feel like a typical, regular kid having fun in a supportive setting. Absolutely fantastic.

I am, however, very much looking forward to the end of this job. I need my time back! I'm planning on taking a mini 3-day vacation the week before school starts. Very much in need.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer, and I'll try and update again soon!