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So-so day

May 21st, 2007 at 09:35 pm

So I've for the most part gotten to the point that I'm okay with my friend and her aforementioned actions... I dont think I'm going to say anything. I've never been one to have the balls to fess up to being angry with good friends.

I do want to mention, however, that this is not the first time in recent history that she has brushed me off. And that is more why I was upset than anything. I've been blown off and for the most part ingnored for quite some time. It was a frustrating situation even before the wedding ordeal, it just really hit home, if you know what I mean.

Aside from that, it was a no-spend day. I played my game for a while, then went outside and read. Worked and made barely any money. It was a relaxing night, however, and my coworkers all seeemed to be in great moods, so I have no reason to complain. I'm hoping to get to the grocery store tomorrow. I made out a list today. I also need to stop by the post office and pick up 2-cent stamps (I forgot who confirmed my suspicions that postage rates increased, but thanks!) to mail off my bills. Other than that, I think more reading is in my future. And more work. hehe. Hopefully I'll make more than $22 tomorrow!

At any rate, everyone have a great day/night!

Quite a Bit Burnt... and hurt!

May 20th, 2007 at 07:56 pm

It seems bad news doesn't stop coming my way! So here's the deal...

My best friend from high school is getting married in July. We've grown apart due to the distance and the busy-ness our lives lead post graduation and all that fun stuff. She's marrying my other dear friend that I introduced her to a couple years ago. So.

She asked me to be a bridesmaid. I was excited, she lead me through the selection process of dresses, etc. Her cousin was supposed to be one too, but she said that she had to bail due to insufficient cost to buy the dress ($63 didn't seem all that much to me...), etc. Whatever. So I haven't ordered my dress yet, I need to get my measurements as I have to order it online and I really dont feel like paying for tailoring.

I get a call tonight from my friend. She asked me if I ordered the dress yet, and I told her I was ordering it this week. Then she told me very apologetically that her cousin came up with the money and wanted to participate and she really thought that her cousin should be in the wedding and would it be okay if I stepped out so that her cousin could be a bridesmaid?

Of course I told her no problem, it's cool, no big deal, that's fine, etc, etc, etc. After I got off the phone, I started crying. My best friend from high school, the one I giggled with the first time we got drunk, when we went to prom together, the million concerts we moshed in, confiding in one another when we had relationship problems, scooping the first time we each lost our virginity, nights of watching Johnny Depp movies, or chick flicks, or making mixed tapes, or dancing around to silly 80's songs and singing into wooden spoons, choosing majors, staying at eachothers houses when family problems arose, taking her home from school every single day senior year, visiting on Christmas. I went to see this girl twice a day (the only visiting hours available) for the 2 weeks she was in ICU (a super rare something or other I dont even want to get into). I cried my eyes out and promised her any vital organ she ever needed. Ever. If it meant she'd get better, because she was the best thing that ever happened to me. And she was.

If it wasn't for me, she would have never met her fiance. And it isn't like I dislike her cousin, and it's not that I think she's being malicious. I'm just really hurt that I wont be up there when she ties the knot. Afterall, I was there the rest of the time. All the milestones, I was there. I'll still be at the wedding, but I'll be in the "pretty good friends" section, not the "Absolutely-inseparable-totally-best-friends-forever" section Frown

There's a girl my friend didn't even ask to be a bridesmaid that is one. My friend was one in her wedding, so she invited herself to be one in my friends'. My friend told me she didn't even want her to be a bridesmaid, but felt obligated, especially after this girl assumed... Still, I'm the one that's been ousted. I dont want to be angry, and I dont want to be catty, it's just so hard to not get upset and pissed, because what the hell? What do I mean to her anymore? It's enough that she blows me off when I try to hang out with her the few times I'm in town, but really. I never doubted that she would be in the running for my wedding, and I would never invite someone to be a bridesmaid and then take it back. Personally, I find it rude.

I plan to say something, I just want to cool down first. I'm not out to hurt anyone, regardless of what's been done to me. I just wish she would have thought about how I would feel. Of course it was convenient for me to be the one to step down, I hadn't ordered my dress. But what's really important here? I'm just not sure anymore.

Fun party... now back to work!

May 20th, 2007 at 10:54 am

I had 2 no-spend days in a row, only to be broken by getting breakfast this morning wtih friends. Ended up spending $15, but it wasn't too bad considering I spent no money last night on booze. BF brought a bottle of wine from home with us to the party, and the hosts provided otherwise. We had a great time, and it's the most we've been social in a while. We ended up staying the night because everyone got a little too drunk to drive. Some just a little too drunk period. I was pleasantly so and dont feel too bad today, especially after such a yummy breakfast. I do, however, have to work in a couple hours. Hopefully it'll be a little busier than last night (I didn't make all that much money at all). I'll top my night off with perhaps more videogames!

I signed checks and whatnot today, but need to mail off my bills tomorrow. Did the postage rate change yet?? I forgot... I still have a bunch of stamps... perhaps I'll stop by the post office tomorrow while I'm downtown and buy some 1 cent-ers. I need to stop by the bank tomorrow as well. I think I might stop by the grocery store as well. Aldi's, here I come. Woo! Gotta make a list... either way, everyone have a wonderful day!

No -Spend Day!

May 19th, 2007 at 07:53 am

Well. Yesterday was my first no-spend day in a while. woo! I worked a double, which may seem to my benefit, but the evil empire of Starbucks tempts me both in the morning and on my break. I overcame the dark forces and drank iced green tea from work (better for me anyway). I made great money ($161) for the day, though my feet (and my legs, and my back...) hurt VERY badly when I left. Tonight I dont work such long hours (13, to be exact for yesterday...), so I'm hoping my feet wont be torn to shreds so brutally.

BF bought me my game!! woo! The birthday present has come early! Civilization IV. I'm cancelling my WoW subscription, as this game is quite involved. I did the tutorial last night, so I'm pumped to actually start a game today. That'll keep me busy until later when I go to work. I'm thinking today is going to be a no-spend day as well.

Got the electric bill the other day, and it is not what I expected, rather bad, actually Frown I told BF we need to start turning our computers off at night, and not using the A/C as much. Actually, I wanted to just turn the thermostat off, but he refuses because he likes the airflow that it gives. He's unrelenting. I hate it. So I'm taking extra effort to make sure I unplug things like chargers that generate electricity even when they are off, and make sure that all of the lights are turned off before we go to bed. He has a habit of leaving all the lights on all the time. Drives me up a wall... how wasteful it is! urgh. Either way, I'm gonna get going. Talk to y'all later!

Yummy dinner!

May 17th, 2007 at 08:26 pm

I went to dinner with a friend tonight. Ended up spending $24. Of course, I came home with an entire other meal... I guess that's the great thing about Bucca Di Beppo-- they have family sized meals, so we shared a meal, garlic mashed potatoes, and the tiramisu (which I also brought a chunk of home). I even brought the rest of the bread in the basked back (it's too good to waste, afterall!). So though I spent a bit of money, I ended up with mucho leftovers and caught up with my friend. We've decided to make this a monthly tradition, rather than a sporadic one. hehe.

Other than that, the day was quite uneventful. I played WoW for a bit, though I think once I get my copy of Civilization for my B-day, I'm going to cancel my subscription. It'll save me $15 a month, and we just got a wii not too long ago, so I'll have plenty to keep me busy when I'm not out slaying gnomes and the like Smile

Tomorrow is my long day, and I'm hoping it is accompanied by large tips Smile I may even put on some makeup to see if I make more money. hehe. As a waitress, I should probably do this every time I work, I just get so lazy about it. heh.

I think once I get done with all this vacation hooplah that i'm going to rebuild my EF. I had a decent amount of money saved up, but then stuff started happening and this and that and bleh. I should have a good EF. I'll make that a goal. I need to work on my goals... I'm just so wrapped up in vacation. Perhaps tonight I'll put something together. erg. So much money to be spent. I guess that's why birthdays are both bad and good. Bleh. Later guys!

Improved Situation

May 16th, 2007 at 06:08 pm

So after much, much talk, BF and I have decided to go the roadtrip on our own, just the two of us. He told me yesterday to decide what I wanted to do with my vacation. I had considered doing something without him, and thought about it all day. I considered my options, my budget, etc. I was considering going to london for a while, but when I couldn't get myself to call my friend, I accepted that it just wasn't the time. BF came home from class and we laid around for a bit, and I realized just how much I wanted to go somewhere with just him, and I asked him where he would want to go.

At this point he kissed me a lot (haha) and told me how much he loved me and all that wonderful stuff. I think he was really bummed that I might want to do something on my own. I think he really wanted me to go with him (though he expected me to be all-flexible). So we talked about where to go, and decided that we would go through with the roadtrip afterall. No planes.

Now, in lieu of this, it was rather essential for him to teach me to drive a manual, because his car is. So we went to the chinese restaurant for dinner (I shouldn't have spent the money, but I've been so frustrated over the last couple days, I needed a treat), then went to a parking lot not far from our apartment. I think I did pretty well though I was dreadfully nervous. I did stall the car at least 8 or 9 times. But by the end of it all, he said, "Okay. Drive us home." I gave him a look of horror, convinced that I would kill us both in the process, but I managed to get home and only stall the car once. haha. We made it back alive. I think the reason I stalled was more or less because I was incredibly nervous. BF is a fantastic driver, and I feel so examined when I'm driving with him in the car. Cars are, afterall, his "thing."

So that's that. We sat down at the restaurant and tried to pull together a tenative itinerary for the trip, and it will be a total of 16 days. I have to start getting ready, planning what food we'll bring (we're taking a cooler with sandwiches and other goodies for the car ride), and figure the sleeping situation. BF wants to buy an air matress, as none of our friends have extra beds for us to stay in. I was a little weary at first, not wanting to spend any money I dont have to. But when I think about all the driving we'll be doing, it's probably best we get the best sleep we can when we get it! haha.

There'll be one night we sleep in the car-- on the way from Missouri to the grand canyon. But I think one night of sleeping in the car wont be too terrible. So yay on BF and I sorting through our problems. Yay for me for taking things a bit differently, and yay for the roadtrip. I'm finally excited again! Now I just have to work on that tan and exercise! Oh, and save up a little more for gas and food and whatnot. Either way, I'm happy again!

Things (sort of) sorted out.

May 15th, 2007 at 09:45 pm

Well. As many had suggested, long talk wtih BF did ensue, and then ensued again. I even had him talk with my boss (heh. We're really good friends, this isn't as out of the ordinary as some might think). Basically, he says that he has talked to his friends, and he's decided that driving isn't the best option to take, and we're going to fly out for only one week. I tell him to do whatever it is that he wants, because I'm planning a vacation of my own. Then he gets all defensive and tells me that he wants me to be a part of it yadda yadda yadda. I tell him whatever, just let me know and he can string me along (with heavy sarcasm, of course). I felt awful all day, taken for granted (as another pointed out), and basically was asking myself if it's really the right point in my life to be putting someone else's needs before mine. I'm still young! I should be doing what I want!

So come later tonight, after a long (awful) work shift. My co-worker asks me for the dates I'll be gone because she may be filling in for me and it's good info to have. Well, I tell her the two weeks we've been shooting for. When I tell BF he gets all flustered and says things about people still getting together when they're going to be able to go and this and that and I basically bite his head off because it's so awfully NOT courteous to be waiting this long to tell work, and he can shove it up his @$$ because I needed the dates. Now. This is when the argument started for the second time today, and that's when I put him on the phone with my boss, because I didn't feel it should be my responsibility to explain the situation. Luckily, my boss is a very cool and flexible guy who happens to be buddies with my boyfriend as well as myself. He's willing to work with us, which further "proves that I am the only one who is really bothered by the dates not being set in stone." Well, yeah. I'm one of the few, but really, does it matter if it's just me or me and a thousand others? I think not.

So. More argument ensued on the way home, and basically I told him that it's too young for me to put his needs before my own, I have, afterall, just become able to put my own first. When I lived at home, I had to do what my parents told me. Now that I live with him, even if he doesn't flat out tell me, I take his word like it's my parents, and I dont. He pointed out that this is my decision, and I said yes, it is, and I'm going to change it.

He suggested to not worry about California, and to plan a vacation for just the two of us during the weeks I had told my co-worker, and I told him I wanted to spend one of the two weeks at home with my parents for the 4th of July. He said he wanted to go to Missouri one of the weeks >_< . Basically I suggested that maybe we take separate vacations. Especially after he mentioned he needed time away from me. I agreed. I do want to spend the 4th with him. He was in Missouri last year, so I didn't get to watch the fireworks with him. Maybe I dont though. Maybe I want the fun weekend with my mom and best girlfriend. Who knows. I basically need to decide what it is that I want. It just stinks that I have to do it in a month or so. Ugh.

Let me say that I do not plan to break up with him. He's a really great guy and loves me very much. I really think I need to take our relationship differently, however. He is not my mom. I need to stop treating him that way. If I want to go study abroad, I will (and plan to). I'm tired of limiting myself. I feel like I've been untrue to myself. He's the one that got me to stand up to my parents, and it seems I've just got someone else to stand up to now.

I dont even know where I want to go, as I really only ever want to go to Europe. We decided on California because we wanted to take a roadtrip and we knew people throughout the country. I'm not sure I even want to go now, especially considering all the fuss the trip has brought on. Maybe tomorrow I'll have a better idea, or at least be able to think things through a little better. I'm so tired. Work was long and I haven't had a day off since last thursday. I'm overdue. Perhaps some online research will be done with a fresh start in the morning. Yeah, that sounds good. Later then.

I dont get it! (rant)

May 15th, 2007 at 06:59 am

My boyfriend is sweet, caring, and incredibly, incredibly inconsiderate at the moment. Urgh. Let me preface this entry by saying that I haven't taken a vacation in years, I've never seen the west coast, and he blew me off to go on vacation with his friends 2 years in a row because my schedule didn't *fit* with thier plans...

That being said, we decided about 6 months ago that we were going to take a roadtrip across the country. I was super excited to go because the furthest west I've been is Indiana, and I didn't even get to really see it. We decided ultimately to make some stops along the way, to see friends in Missouri, Arizona, and San Diego. That way we could maximize seeing people we dont get to see often, and have free places to crash. Thus, we have a few more schedules to accomodate to because so and so has summer classes and so and so has this or that. Now. BF has 3 weeks break between his summer quarters. 6 months ago I told him that it didn't matter which 2 of the 3 weeks we went on vacation, as long as I know well in advance to take those weeks off work.

Well. A month prior to vacation is NOT well in advance. He tells me for the last few months that it'll "probably be the last week in june and the first week in July." So this is what I tell my boss, because he obviously wants to know when I'll be across the country, and not serving food in the restaurant. My boss is cool with these dates, given that they are not during the US open, which is taking place in Pittsburgh this year (we'll be swamped). Let me also point out that my boss gives me MUCH slack in taking days off during the summer. He let me take my dad's b-day party, the saturday after my birthday, coming up in a couple weeks, my best friend from high school's wedding, and a few days off in the beginning of august to go to florida. When he tells me I need to be there for the US Open, I sure as h3!! need to be there for the US Open.

I'm talking to my boyfriend yesterday about vacation, and he says the dates have been changed once again. We're leaving on the 16th. This is when I politely tell him that no, we will not be leaving on the 16th because my boss told me I HAD to be in town that weekend. He goes into some stupid rant about how I told him that I could go any time during his break, and I pointed out to him that I said that GIVEN THAT HE GIVES ME THE DATES WELL IN ADVANCE, which he most certainly failed to do.

Then he gets angry because his friend wanted to go, and if we couldn't go those dates he couldn't go yadda yadda yadda. Dont get me wrong, this is a mutual friend of ours, and I would love him to go, but I am not taking off days that my boss says I cant. My job means more to me than that. Then my BF suggests me flying out to meet them later in the week, and I am totally flying off the handle at this point, because it seems that my needs are being considered LAST. I dont think it would have been as bad if it were the first time something like this is happening, but for the last 2 years it's happened. We were supposed to go to Canada with a friend of his the first year we dated. I was excited as I had just turned 19, but they scheduled it for a week I had to work, and I couldn't go. Last year, he went to Missouri without me because he went during a week I had class.

It seems no matter what, the vacation is never "ours." It is always "everybody's." And whereas yes, I am being a bit selfish, I dont feel like changing my schedule around for everyone else. He told me last night that my scheduling conflict was just like everyone elses, that we are all "on a level playing field." I told him to shove the playing field where the sun doesn't shine, because as his girlfriend and the one who wanted to travel in the first place, I feel my position should be at first fiddle.

I've been making considerations for his friends for a long time, and up until this point, I've just gotten over it. I dont feel I should have to buy a plane ticket and fly out when they're driving. It's the drive out that I was looking forward to, not the drive back. I wanted it to be at least in part MY vacation, but it never seems so with him. I told him that if I had to fly out to Arizona (where the one friend of mine we were going to visit lives), that I didn't want to see him the entire 2 weeks. And if I have to fly somewhere, I'd rather just go back home for the 2 weeks and spend it with my friends and family, or travel somewhere else. If I had known he was going to pull this crap, I would have gotten a passport and gone to london or something. I have a friend and a cousin that live there.

Ugh. I just dont get how someone I love so much can be so obnoxious sometimes. Traveling is the one thing that I get really excited for. Mostly because I never get to and I always want to. I've wanted to travel abroad since highschool, and failed to do it because he thought me going to europe for a semester would break us up. I'm just so frustrated. I thought it was going to be a great vacation, and now I dont even know if I'm going. :P Oh well, I'll work something out.

More summer days :)

May 14th, 2007 at 07:44 am

So I'm starting a new book today, but I still have to figure out which one I want to read, as there is a huge stack ready and waiting for me. At any rate...

Yesterday's trip to Aldi's was a success. I ended up spending $20 after BF reimbursed me for his "half" of the groceries (we keep groceries separate still, but we split the cost of any items we will both use). After grocery shopping, BF and I grilled out. We made cheddar bratwursts and grilled corn. Mmm. And each had a beer, of course Smile After that I went on to work, where it was quite slow despite Mother's day, and then went home and watched a movie ("mirrormask"-- fantastic) with BF.

I got a check in the mail yesterday as well, for a poetry contest I won. $50 for submitting a poem to the contest (it was run through my university). Not bad, if you ask me Smile

BF wants to go work out in a little bit, so I'll be joining him. Then it's back to reading in the sun Smile This summer sure is turning out to be wonderful. Work tonight at 6, but I'll enjoy myself until then! At any rate, everyone, have a great day!

Getting back on track...

May 13th, 2007 at 08:28 am

So in light of the summer, I went, well, a bit spending crazy. Of course, mostly at restaurants. But I'm getting myself in gear once again. Today I was going to run the race for the cure, but my feet hurt when I woke up and I was quite tired. I guess that saves me $35, but I still wanted to do it... either way. I still have yet to call my mom today, though I gave her her gift last weekend (a hoodie representing my university... she specifically asked for one). That was $40.

I finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. LOVED it. I read straight through it in 3 days, mind you, that's not a short book... cant wait to buy the 6th, but I'm holding off because I just bought a book, and have a whole pile I'm still waiting to read. As for books, I bought a Barnes and Noble membership. While most will tell me that buying books off of amazon is cheaper (and be entirely correct), I'm a sucker for bookstores. I love going in and feeling the books, and smelling them, and all that creepy stuff that goes along with being a true book lover. If I cant handle the book, I'd rather not buy it... with the exception of obscure psychology books-- which Barnes and Noble are suspiciously short of. I'll leave those to amazon. At any rate, I get 10% off anything in the store, including the cafe. I get 20% off all hardcovers, and40% off all hardcover bestsellers. The clerk also told me they send me great coupons and I can order my textbooks through B&N and get my discount on them as well. Sweeet.

Today I need to hit the grocery store, if not for any reason but I need a reason to not go to a restaurant. Grr. I believe I'll be hitting Aldi. We'll see how it goes... later then!

One book down!

May 10th, 2007 at 07:46 am

I'm a woman on a mission this summer. I'm doing a great deal of pleasure reading before the fall. Yesterday I finished Prozac Nation, which was excellent. Not quite what I expected, but it was very good. Then last night I started Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, i.e. the 5th book. I decided it was a good idea to read it before I went to see the movie. The beginning is a bit slow, the reason I ended up trailing away from it the first time I tried to read it, but I have faith that it will pick up and be wonderful Smile

Yesterday I spent $6 at Aldi's. BF was at class all day, so I took a walk to the bank and then to said grocery store. It was a nice long walk, in the beautiful weather. I bought another bag of salad mix: $1.99 because it's the mixed baby greens that I like, I also bought butter ($1.99), and a tub of asiago cheese ($1.99). Not bad. I forgot that Aldi's has a produce department (I'm not sure why, I read about it all over here! hehe). So next time I'm going to buy produce, I'm going there instead of Giant Eagle. Though at this point it seems I'll be shopping there for just about everything!

I did stop on the way home at this custard stand. Partly to see what it was all about, and mostly because I was hot (84 degree weather'll do that to ya!). They're a bit pricey ($3.89 for a small waffle cone), but it was gooood. Twisted mint and chocolate soft serve custard. Mmm. I'll have to keep away for my own good! Apparently, though, they're opening a mediterranean restaurant next month (eep!), so I'm pretty excited.

We went to Dick's, and found zero selection for roller blades, so I'm holding off for now.

My application with the KEYS program is currently "under review." Everyone cross thier fingers for me!

I'm off again today, so more reading and sunbathing will ensue! Perhaps I'll cook again tonight. yay!

Go in to buy one thing...

May 8th, 2007 at 09:09 pm

...end up buying 5. I guess that's how clothing stores go. I needed a new tie for work. Bad. I went to Burlington Coat Factory, because that's where I like to find cheap ties (that are also very cute!), and I left with not only a tie, but a new bathing suit (I needed a longer top), a pair of shorts (I only own one pair), and a new teeshirt (something a little more spring-like). I forbid myself from spending any more money on clothes this month, I dont care if my birthday IS coming up. Usually I'm not one to go hog-wild on clothes (I usually break the bank in restaurants), but this nice weather has me buying all sorts of stuff, especially with vacation coming up next month (Eek!). I regret no purchase made today, but I'm putting a cap on the clothes spending for the month.

As for work, it was rather slow. I walked out with about $50, which really isn't bad considering we didn't have a whole lot of customers. I'm off for the next two days, and I'm still deciding what to do. Because I'm on summer vacation, I have no papers to write, no textbooks to read. I'm positively excited. I think I'll sit outside, read a book, and sip on wine all day. Then make dinner for BF and I. I'm going to make spaghetti with mushrooms, zuchinni, chicken, and broccoli. Perhaps I'll do a butter and parmesan topping as opposed to a tomato sauce, make it a little more summer-y.

Thursday I believe BF and I will be buying roller-blades. This is a purchase I've thought about quite a bit. I think I'll ask my parents to reimburse me for them for my birthday, but we'll see. Regardless, I want a nice pair. I love to skate and haven't on a regular basis for years, but it's excellent exercise, something I can do about anywhere, and after the cost of the skates, it's free! I'm not talking those crazy stunt skating gigs, just in the park when it's nice type of deal, and there are surprisingly a couple paths downtown for bikers and skaters, so it's something I could do leisurely downtown as well. I'm imagining picnics at one of the nice parks by our apartment, then skating on warm afternoons. Mmm.

Aside from all that, just more reading and such. And working out. I've been doing a great job keeping up with this exercise routine. Hopefully we'll start seeing some great results! Eating better helps as well! heh. At any rate, I'll update again soon (perhaps when I stop in for another glass of Pinot Gregio tomorrow afternoon amidst Prozac Nation). Later everyone!

Pleasant Surprise

May 7th, 2007 at 08:34 pm

So it was a monday night and I thought work would be slow. It was for the first couple hours, but then got a really nice rush, and I ended up making $97 tonight. woo! I'm working on getting my finances and savings plan down once again. With the travelling I'll be doing a little later in the summer, I have much to save for. Especially considering I may be quitting my job in the fall.

What, you say? Why, you say?

Well. Quite frankly, I'm tired of serving disrespectful jerks thier food, but beyond that, I'm trying to get into this program here in the city. It's run by Americorps, and it basically is a program that hires people to go to schools and runs afterschool programs helping innercity children in the classroom, with homework, or doing activities. In the summer they run a day camp and things of the same nature. They pay enough to cover my bills, but not much more than that. It would be 20 hours a week, not too much. They also give an education award after the program is finished, so it seems like a great setup to me. Besides, I would be doing something meaningful rather than menial. I've been too busy for the last few years to really give back to the community, so I'm excited for an opportunity that I could embrace. My mom thinks I should keep the gig with the restaurant regardless, even if I only work one night a week. I might do that, but I'll be carrying an 18 credit semester next fall, and I really wont have too much time. Eh. I'll figure it out.

Speaking of this program, I have to get my application in soon. Perhaps I'll finish it tomorrow. I had to get my second reference's contact information. I also need to get a move on my FAFSA. I know I was supposed to get it in a bit ago, but my parents are never quite on the ball with these things (I dont think they've filed thier taxes on time in years).

I also need to buy a new tie for work tomorrow. The one I've been wearing is pretty gross as of late. That's the trouble with wearing a tie at work. Food gets all over them. Luckily, Burlington Coat Factory sells cute ties that are pretty cheap. At any rate, I better get going. Sleep might be a good idea.

Playing catch-up, as usual...

May 7th, 2007 at 08:25 am

Well. The semester is OVER. I am free until the fall. wooooo!!!! I celebrated this weekend by celebrating my dad's birthday back home. Big party, much boozing and dancing. BF and I had a blast. The big problem? Every time we go back to Ohio we spend so much money! So I'm poor again, though I had quite a chunk of change in my checking account not too long ago. Eh. That being said, I'm back in PA and going cheap.

BF and I dine out waaaaay too much. I thought the main reason we did it here at home was because we really dont have anything to eat. So we went grocery shopping last week, and only bought food that was healthy, so I'm hoping that will drastically improve my eating habits-- that have gone to crap over the last few months of school. I'm going to get back into my workout routine as well. We have that fitness room in our apartment building, may as well take advantage of it.

And books. I have a whole stack of them to read this summer, and I'm so excited about it. So that's what I'll be doing following this post. Eat, workout, and then read in the sun because it is BEAUTIFUL outside. Alrighty then, later!